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Children’s Yoga open class | let children’s potential bloom happily!

Helloyoga children’s yoga makes holidays more meaningful in the coming summer vacation, in addition to registering children for swimming classes, taekwondo, art and dance, we can also try another option, that is, children’s Yoga.

Children’s Yoga is set according to the development characteristics of children aged 4-12.

It is a kind of healthy exercise that helps children increase their physical flexibility, improve their posture and cultivate their temperament.

The movements of children’s Yoga are interesting and specially designed to meet their physical development needs.

Children’s yoga can find the most natural state of the body, keep away from stress, disease and increase immunity.

Through targeted posture exercises, children can increase their confidence, learn to concentrate, strengthen their ability to control their thoughts and behaviors, and enhance their friendship and collective sense of honor in the whole process of mutual assistance.

In class, we will introduce simple yoga to children, and let them know and love yoga by exploring fun, relaxation and cheerfulness.

The benefits of children’s Yoga as an auxiliary way of education, “it is an inward education that draws children inward.

It is hoped that children can have an inward self-awareness.”.

At present, most education and remedial classes are outward traction, setting external goals.

The real education is not to enter our ears and bodies, but to go deep into our hearts and souls.

Children’s Yoga is a course that takes root in yoga classics and is full of knowledge, joy and love.

From another perspective, it helps children improve their learning ability, concentration, creativity, thinking ability, etc., cultivate their thinking ability and tap their potential from an early age.

The difference between child yoga and adult Yoga there is a big difference between child yoga and adult yoga.

Adult yoga we often say yoga practice, but children yoga we define as children yoga education.

This is the biggest difference from adult yoga, which is based on connection and preservation.

Adults are separated and need yoga to connect.

Children are connected.

Children’s Yoga should keep children’s nature and sense of cosmic connection.

When adults first come into contact with hatha yoga, they are often solidified by experience, such as the original family, childhood marks, growth environment, etc., but children do not.

It is hoped that the three kinds of Yoga (wisdom yoga, godliness yoga and action yoga) and hatha yoga in the Bhagavad Gita can be integrated into a complete package, and then combined with the first six of the eight Yoga branches to teach children.

This is a very good education system.

If children can grow up in such an atmosphere, it will be of great benefit to them all their lives.

Activity flow of children’s Yoga open class: 1 Sign in 2 Opening ceremony recitation 3 Self introduction 4 General introduction: what is Yoga? 5.

breathing and heartbeat 6 Yoga Games: stone, scissors, cloth 7 Fold the boat and watch your breath 8 Vocal Yoga recitation 9 Recitation ceremony at the end of the course 10 Time of parent communication link: 9:30-11:00 on June 12 (weekend) suitable for: children aged 6-11 recruitment number: 8-10 groups family activity cost: free for members, 68 yuan for non members location: Shangpu yoga center on the second floor of block F, cultural center.

Parents are welcome to take their babies to experience the Limited number of practice places.

Scan the QR code above to sign up! The daily opening time of “group home” in Xiaogan City is Monday.

The venue equipment is overhauled and closed from Tuesday to Friday.

9:00-20:30 Saturday and Sunday.

8:00-21:00 customer service details: 0712-2109556/2109558 address: block F, Fuxing Avenue cultural center, Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City..

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