How bad is a bad shoulder and neck? The 12 shoulder neck yoga movements must be practiced frequently!

The aging of human body starts from the shoulder and neck.

Shoulder and neck are the places where toxins are most likely to accumulate and are the key to disease.

The source of all diseases is blood, and the cause of all diseases is Qi.

In traditional Chinese medicine, if Qi is insufficient, the blood will be blocked, if blood is blocked, the water will not flow, and if water does not flow, the poison will not be discharged.

How to maintain the shoulder and neck? Maintenance of shoulder and neck can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dispel wind and cold, dredge meridians, alleviate shoulder and neck stiffness, muscle fatigue, periarthritis of shoulder and cervical spine diseases.

It can also improve dizziness, headache, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, decreased sleep quality, insomnia and dreaminess, and make the face ruddy.


Simple sitting posture comfortable sitting posture, spine extension, keep 5 deep breaths, and slowly enter the Yoga rhythm.


Simple sitting posture torsion also maintains a comfortable sitting posture and makes simple torsion.


The locust type variant lies prone with both hands on the back of the waist for 10 times, which can be repeated for several groups.


The combination of baby and cow, alternating 10 times.


Stand forward and bend your legs together and straighten, fold your body forward from your hips, and alternate for 5 times.


Triangle waist side bend, repeat 5 times on the left and right sides.


Vajra sitting variant 1 kneeling position, hands up, to hero sitting position, repeat 6-8 times.


Vajrayana variant 2 is the same as the above individual pose, repeated 6-8 times.


Sit and bend forward, with legs together and straight, leaning forward, repeat 6-8 times.


Bridge supine knee bending, lift the hip, do 15 times, can repeat several groups.


Lie on your back with your legs together, bend your legs to your chest, and repeat 15 times.


After finishing the posture above, keep the posture relaxed and rest for 3-6 minutes¬∑ End ¬∑ – if you like it, share it with your friends – let’s have fun together.

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