New Yoga Life

Hunchback with chest, ten years old? A set of yoga helps you gain a curvaceous figure and elegant temperament!

It’s the season to show your body again.

I can’t help sighing: I really envy those people who have the right meat.

But I want to say: no need.

The right meat can only make you beautiful for a while, but only the right pelvis can make the years detour! Take a look at the black history of Quan Zhixian, the goddess who is popular in Asia.

In my impression, Quan Zhixian is a pure natural beauty who has never used a knife.

It is as tall as a supermodel, with narrow shoulders, thin waist and long legs.

It can be easily manipulated in any style.

However, after the age of 30, Quan Zhixian did not pay attention to pelvic maintenance.

In addition, he gave birth to two children after marriage.

His natural good skin bag completely collapsed.

Get fat and your weight soars to 150+.

He has a big belly, wide fake crotch and thick legs.

He is ridiculed as a “big and strong woman” who is too swollen and can only wear a loose windbreaker to cover it up.

He is also despised by his husband because she is getting fat and getting old.

There are rumors of divorce.

The goddess was so fat?! Then why is she still so beautiful in her 40s? In the TV series legend of the blue sea, the role of driving a mermaid seems to have been replaced by a body without any fat.

It turns out that Quan Zhixian, who was getting fat and ugly at the beginning, was unwilling to accept his life.

He used it for diet, eating and sweating.

But the body just doesn’t change, especially the belly and big legs.

He also made his face and body worse and worse.

Just when she was in despair, she realized a famous private yoga teacher in the circle.

She learned that after the age of 25, she accelerated her weight gain, especially the problems such as back pain, stiff limbs and large belly.

80% of them were due to incorrect pelvis! In the middle of the human body, the pelvis is like a woman’s own foundation, controlling the digestion of fat, the movement of Qi and blood, and the aging rate of women: ✔️ The pelvis is just like a tree with stable roots.

The internal bones and flesh are balanced, the Qi and blood are smooth, and Dai xieliqiang; The external posture is tall and firm, the complexion is ruddy, and the state is young again.

❌ The irregular pelvis is like a tree with an unstable foundation.

The internal bones and flesh are unbalanced, the body operation slows down, and the Qi and blood are blocked; He is fat and fat, his face is withered and yellow, and he is accompanied by “senile diseases” such as backache and cold hands and feet.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a curvy figure and ruddy complexion, the key is to keep the “foundation” (pelvis) well.

According to this principle, the Yoga world has created a “shaping inverse age yoga” specifically for the pelvis to help you shake your flesh and become beautiful.

Moreover, the action is very simple, which can be easily mastered even if there is no foundation.

It is divided into three postures: correcting the pelvis: the original “goddess squat” posture activates the pelvic floor muscles, pulls the pelvis back to the normal position, closes the bone seam, makes the whole body frame one size smaller, and stands tall and straight, showing a 10-year-old younger age; Sculpt body shape: focus on stretching the back, side waist and abdomen, activate the core muscle group, drive muscle adduction, have a stronger effect on fat digestion, and lose the big belly, elephant legs and obese body.

Protect the uterus and rejuvenate the complexion: with the breathing posture, breathe deeply into the pelvic area, accelerate the blood circulation of the uterus, promote the circulation of Qi and blood, make your face ruddy and your skin q-shaped, and create a healthy constitution! The movement is specially set for 0 basic Xiaobai.

It doesn’t need a yoga mat.

You can practice standing, sitting and lying down.

Quan Zhixian can do it between filming ↓ how about the effect? Look at the current state of the Goddess: the back pain is gone, and she is full of vitality at the age of 40.

The radish legs became slender, with a perfect waist hip ratio and a loose waist by a yard.

In less than two months, I dumped 45jin, and it was beautiful! Her face is ruddy like a girl, her figure is concave and convex, and her girlishness and femininity are perfectly combined in Quan Zhixian! Her husband was fascinated by her at the age of 40 and decided to return to his family.

He often went shopping with the goddess and the children.

The rumors of divorce broke down.

Therefore, the pelvis is the switch for a woman to be young and slim, making you 30+ as thin as a girl! This comparison, who can’t say no! ↓ it’s just that we ordinary people want to be beautiful and young, but we don’t have top coaches and resources like stars.

What should we do? don’t worry! After much effort, I finally found the mysterious master behind “shaping inverse age yoga” – Coach Wang Yuan! She is not only a private yoga teacher of A-list stars Liu Tao, Huang Yi and Muqimiya.

He has also represented China on the NASDAQ screen twice.

At our strong invitation, teacher Wang Yuan finally agreed to share the secret of “pelvic yoga” — [5-day shaping inverse age Yoga introductory camp] teacher Wang Yuan answered questions live.

Today’s special price for action guidance is only 1.1 yuan! ↓ 1.1 yuan, which is equivalent to a free price, but can let you gain: a set of Yoga specially for the pelvis, which integrates slimming, beautifying and anti-aging; Famous teacher Wang Yuan’s live broadcast Q & A + Practice (the same teaching experience of stars such as Liu Tao and Huang Yi); 1v1 Yoga instruction, build a friendly community, answer questions, solve doubts and correct actions in time; Give dietary guidance for a limited time (only before 24 o’clock today), practice + dietary collocation, and the effect will be doubled! They have all changed ↓ star private live teaching, specifically for the pelvis, and return your slim body, ruddy complexion and healthy physique! When you may wonder, “how do you do this yoga?” “I didn’t have a baby.

Do I need to pay attention to my pelvis?” “What is the difference between shaping inverse age yoga and other sports?” Don’t worry.

In the next story, teacher Wang Yuan will answer one by one that she is a 42 year old “Yoga goddess” who is more like a girl than a girl.

It’s hard to imagine using only one set of yoga to protect the body and health of the whole family.

Teacher Wang Yuan, 42, is too young! The body is compact and exquisite, and the skin is as tender as a girl, which is beyond the reach of 24-year-old people.

The private education of stars who have been interviewed by CCTV for many times and invited to “happy base camp” and “spicy mother College” is really not simple! Although she has received many praises, Wang Yuan’s greatest insight is still: pelvic health is the real spring of women! Because more than ten years ago, she also encountered O-shaped legs, with wide false crotch and short and thick legs..

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