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Keep practicing these 8 Yoga asanas every day to make your body at least 5 years younger!

Almost everyone wants to have a young body and an old face.

We know that the inverted asana in yoga can promote blood circulation, prevent sagging, and have a good “frozen age” effect.

If head handstand and hand handstand are too difficult for many beginners to do, today I will share 8 simple yoga asanas that can also achieve the effect of handstand and make your body younger and younger.


Standing: stand in the mountain bending posture, with feet as wide as the hips, toes facing forward, inhale, spine extending upward, exhale straight back, bend down slightly, turn the pelvis upward, find the thighs in the abdomen, put your hands on both sides of your feet, naturally relax your head and keep breathing downward for 5-8 times, and slowly get up and restore.


Sit in the double angle posture, with your feet one leg apart, hold your hips with both hands parallel to the outside of your feet, inhale, extend your side waist to exhale upward, and fold from the groin, Bend your back straight forward and lower your hands between your feet, or hold the ankles of your feet and lift your sitting bones up, head down to the ground, relax your shoulders, keep away from your ears for 5-8 breaths, and slowly restore your hips with your hands on your hips.


Lower your hands on both sides of your chest, exhale with your toes back, push your hands on the ground, and push your sitting bones up to the ceiling.

Extend your back, push your sitting bones back, straighten your legs, press the tiger’s mouth against the ground, step your heels down, and relax your head in your abdomen, Keep 5-8 breaths, restore 4.

Cat cow four corner kneeling posture, keep your hands as wide as your shoulders, press the tiger’s mouth, keep your knees as wide as your hips, inhale with the backs of your legs and feet close to the ground, rotate your pelvis upward, lift your chest up and exhale, roll your tailbone downward, lower your head and arch your back, and control the active spine section by section to cooperate with your breathing, dynamic exercise 5-8 groups 5.

Camel kneeling, keep your knees as wide as your hips, keep your thighs vertical, hold your hips with your hands, inhale, Extend the spine upward to exhale, lift the chest to do a backward bend, slowly lower the hands on the heels in turn, open the chest and relax the neck, and keep 5-8 breaths.


Lie on your back in a plow position, put your arms on the side of the body, draw your legs together to inhale, lift your legs up, exhale perpendicular to the ground, keep your legs up and backward, naturally lift your hips and torso perpendicular to the ground, extend the spine, lift your sitting bones, straighten your legs, and point your toes to the ground, Keep 5-8 breaths with arms pressed down, and slowly restore it.


Lie on your back, twist your spine, bend your knees, breathe in with your heels close to your hips, lift your hips up, exhale to the right, twist your knees and hips to the left, keep your right shoulder down and not off the ground, turn your head to the right and keep 5-8 breaths, and Practice on the opposite side.


Lie on your back with your hips against the wall, straighten your legs up, and keep your feet as wide as your hips, Push your heels up and put your hands on both sides of your body, or relax your shoulders above your abdomen, gently close your eyes and keep it for 5-8 minutes, and slowly restore your teacher’s wechat.

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