Taiyuan yoga studio decoration design company, Taiyuan yoga studio decoration design company which is good?

Taiyuan yoga studio decoration design company, Taiyuan yoga studio decoration design company which is good? Our company is mainly engaged in various: home decoration services, tooling services.

If; Various medium and high-grade residential decoration, apartment decoration, office building, office building decoration, company, plant decoration, shop exclusive shop decoration, shopping mall and supermarket decoration, 4S shop, exhibition hall, hospital decoration, kindergarten and school decoration, hotel entertainment and other places decoration.

All large and small decoration works, old and living renovation and renovation works.

We also provide a variety of hardcover, paperback, medium and high-grade decoration services, and can pay after construction.

Free room measurement and free design.

Make the client’s fees transparent during construction and never add any additional fees.

Do what you need and do what you want until you are satisfied with the Lord.

Hotline: 13263206035 projects undertaken: 1.

Hardcover of second-hand houses, small house decoration, hairy embryo house decoration and villa decoration.


Small house type renovation, second-hand house renovation, old house renovation, old house renovation 3, wedding house decoration design 4, new house decoration of blank house, old house renovation, simple decoration, installation and maintenance of water, electricity and lamps, kitchen and bathroom renovation, toilet drainage maintenance and other one-stop services.

Construction items: 1.

Home decoration, local decoration, second-hand house decoration, villa decoration, etc; 2.

Paving the floor, paving the floor tiles, marble, building the red brick wall, making the partition wall (glass partition), painting, wall renovation, etc; 3.

Kitchen and bathroom refitting, kitchen and toilet waterproofing, water and electricity installation, weak current engineering production, etc; 4.

Family interior wall painting: TV background wall, sofa background wall, porch background wall, children’s cartoon wall, kitchen and bathroom decoration, kitchen and bathroom color painting and interior top painting.


Other kinds of home decoration maintenance and renovation.

Tooling: (1) hotel decoration (star hotels and guesthouses) (2) design and decoration of office space (plants, office buildings and offices) (3) design and decoration of commercial space (showrooms, specialty stores and shopping malls) (4) design and decoration of catering (restaurants, cafes and Western restaurants) (5) design and decoration of tea houses, clubs, KTVs and beauty salons (6) design and decoration of villas and luxury residences (7) design of model houses and sales offices Home furnishing design and decoration wholeheartedly create a beautiful home for you.

We have been working hard with a grateful heart and a serious heart.

With my professional heart, I do professional work.

The construction quality is guaranteed, the construction technology is exquisite, the work is exquisite, the construction management is strict, and the quality is not worried about.

Share the decoration experience.

[home decoration project] home decoration project is a decoration and decoration project aimed at the family living environment.

It is to achieve the harmonious unity of the home environment, home atmosphere and home art on the premise of meeting the living function.

Specifically, the home decoration project includes the following contents: 1.

The realization of the basic zoning functions of the living room, dining room, living room, study, bedroom, children’s room, balcony, cloakroom, kitchen, bathroom and other rooms; 2.

Realization of various basic functions such as lighting, constant temperature, safety, sanitation, epidemic prevention, noise prevention, and rational use of materials.


The realization of green, safe, comfortable and warm home environment.


According to the needs of users, it can realize certain artistic styles, including ancient Greek style, ancient Roman style, Renaissance style, harmony style, traditional Chinese style, neoclassical style, modern Chinese style, modern style, avant-garde style, etc.


Some outdoor decoration projects mainly refer to the decoration of the exterior wall and roof of the villa, the design of the garden and other greening projects.

Public decoration project public decoration project refers to the project of decorating and decorating public places and people’s workplaces.

While solving its unique functional requirements, it also presents specific artistic connotation and style characteristics at a higher level, so that people can better rest, entertainment, work and other activities.

Specifically, it includes the following contents: 1.

Decoration and decoration of display, window, restaurant, facade, dance hall, karaoke room, sauna, hotel, hotel, office and other special places such as hospital; 2.

The realization of one or more functions such as assembly, exhibition, entertainment, leisure, conference, work, etc; 3.

The realization of classical style, modern style and post-modern style..

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