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The newly launched 8 sets of physiotherapy yoga, each of which is pure dry goods!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Xiaobian has sorted out 8 sets of practical Yoga physiotherapy sequences, including chakra activation sequence, shoulder neck and back physiotherapy sequence, all of which are pure dry goods! 01.

Sequence of activating the eyebrow center chakra by yoga this sequence is mainly about activating the eyebrow center chakra.

There are 9 individual exercises.

Please pay attention to focusing on the middle of the eyebrow center better.


Sequence of activating the throat chakra by yoga this sequence is about activating the throat chakra.

There are 9 yoga postures.

Pay attention to the slight retraction of the jaw during the practice.

03 Yoga activation heart chakra sequence this set is the activation heart chakra of Yoga heart chakra, also known as the wheel of hope.

It is especially suitable for people with chest hunchback posture who are prone to depression and depression to practice this set of sequence 04.

Yoga activation sea chakra sequence this set is the Yoga sea chakra sequence.

When practicing, pay attention to maintaining pelvic stability, and pay attention to tightening the perineum and lifting it up 05 Yoga activating the sun wheel sequence this set is the Yoga sun wheel sequence.

The sun wheel is closely related to the core because this set of sequence mainly focuses on the core.

If the core strength is not enough, you should practice more.


Yoga activating the navel wheel sequence this set is the activation of the Yoga navel wheel.

There are a total of 10 postures.

Pay attention to letting the navel retract to find the deep feeling of the spine when exhaling.

07 Yoga stretching the back of the thigh sequence this set is the stretching the back of the thigh sequence.

It is very suitable for sedentary people to often relax the back of the thigh.

It is also particularly suitable for people with low back pain.


Yoga shoulder neck and spine physiotherapy sequence is a set of flexible spine and relieve shoulder neck pain.

It is particularly suitable for people who need to sit for a long time and bow their heads.

It can relax the muscles in the shoulder neck area and extend the spine, Create spinal space above 8 sets of sequences must be collected Oh, full of dry goods! You can’t go until you’ve read everything 👍。.

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