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There are five taboos in practicing yoga. If you ignore them, you will waste your life

Yoga is very popular among women because it can exercise, relax and help us lose weight.

But yoga is also exquisite.

If you don’t pay attention to some taboos in yoga practice, you may damage your body, so ignoring these taboos is a waste of life.

You should not practice yoga when you are in a bad mood.

If you are emotionally unstable, don’t force yourself to practice yoga.

Because yoga is a completely coordinated physical and mental exercise, if there is a bad mood, many muscles of the body will be tight and sore.

In this case, muscles are easily injured, so don’t practice yoga when you are in a bad mood.

Can change music, outdoor sports, improve mood.

{good:0} don’t do yoga for an hour before and after meals.

Yoga should not be done within an hour before and after meals.

Because when practicing yoga, you need to bend and twist your body.

Therefore, do not do yoga for an hour before and after meals.

Before doing yoga, you’d better eat a little to avoid hurting your stomach.

{good:1} people with osteoporosis should be cautious when practicing yoga.

People with osteoporosis must be very careful when practicing yoga, because many movements of Yoga require hands and feet to support the weight of the body.

If people with osteoporosis have weak bones and poor muscle strength, they are at risk of fracture.

Therefore, people with osteoporosis must act according to their abilities.

First consult a doctor and then choose whether to practice.

{good:2}{good:3} people with poor flexibility should not force themselves to practice.

After yoga, people with persistent pain in joints and tendons are not suitable for yoga.

Yoga requires high flexibility of the body.

If some people are born with poor flexibility, they will have persistent joint pain, muscle soreness, or tendinitis every time they practice yoga.

Such a constitution may not be suitable for yoga.

If you practice hard, it will only do more harm to your health.

{good:4} do not practice yoga when you are in poor health.

Do not practice yoga when you are in poor health, or when you are recovering from a serious illness or fracture.

Because yoga practice requires good physical condition to achieve the effect of exercising physical functions and muscle groups.

If the body is in poor condition, the muscles, joints and ligaments of the body can not give full play to their strength when practicing yoga at this time, so it is easy to get injured in the process of practicing yoga.


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