Tsongkha PA Shan knowledge Yoga method 97

Just like the Quantifier “Bai” in “Dou rate Bai Zun”, the word “Bai Jie” does not only refer to 100 Jie, but also refers to the time of many Jie.

The ode continued: “May this faith prevail over the blessing field, and live a hundred catastrophes for the great church.” In order to satisfy the wishes of all living beings, make them get rid of the obstacles and reach the right level of consciousness, we must understand the significance of teaching methods and obtain satisfactory evidence.

To achieve this goal, we need to accumulate merits and virtues.

I mentioned this at the beginning.

Therefore, the Song said, “May this faith prevail over the blessing field.”.

The guru is the most powerful object that we can accumulate our merits.

In the blessing field, the guru even surpassed his parents, Sangha, arhat, Bodhisattva, and even all the Buddhas of the third generation.

Remembering the deeds of Chang Ti Bodhisattva is very helpful to understand this.

When Bodhisattva Chang Ti practices the paramita Mahayana (not the Tantra), loving the Dharma Bodhisattva is more important than life.

During his seven years of serving the guru, his accumulated merits and virtues generally require the two great a-monks to complete only by robbing, and these funds come from the supreme good knowledge in Futian.

When Yexi Lama was born, you should feel very lucky to serve him diligently and endure the suffering of cold, heat, hunger and thirst.

You are like Dharma teachers, who have accumulated incredible merits.

There are three types of behavior according to teachers: seeking enlightenment, respecting and serving, and providing for property.

The best thing is to follow the teachings after seeking enlightenment.

The Yexi Lama has given instructions on how to do seclusion and how to serve the Buddhist Center.

Although you do not live with the Lama, do not stay with him every day, but follow his teachings from afar, you are also serving the guru and accumulating great merits.

We should be very lucky for this.

May we become Buddhists and Taoists together with all living beings by virtue of this achievement..

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