Urumqi yoga studio decoration design company, Urumqi yoga studio decoration design company which is good?

Urumqi yoga studio decoration design company, Urumqi yoga studio decoration design company which is good? Our decoration company is a professional decoration company focusing on tooling design, budget, construction and materials for many years.

It specializes in undertaking the decoration of offices, restaurants, shops, office buildings, office buildings, banks, office bars, KTVs, song and dance halls and bath centers.

It always takes “sense of design, high quality and transparency” as the core concept to provide customers with space design, construction, soft decoration Office services and other one-stop services, we are more professional and serious.

We are going all out to meet customers’ requirements and live up to customers’ trust in us.

Hotline: 13263206035 [business scope] 1.

Office space decoration: office buildings, office buildings, offices, factories, etc.


Commercial space decoration: shops, shopping malls, hotels, etc.


leisure and entertainment decoration space: beauty salon decoration, health center decoration design company, gym decoration design company, KTV decoration design company, bar decoration design company, club decoration design company, sauna room decoration design company, Internet cafe decoration design company, chess and card room decoration design company, bathing center decoration design company, foot spa club design and decoration company, yoga hall decoration design company, bang Pu hall decoration design company Nail salon decoration and other entertainment places 4 Store space decoration of shopping malls: design and decoration companies of shopping malls, supermarkets, express hotels, hotel design and decoration companies, chain stores, pet stores, exclusive display stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, glasses stores, tobacco hotels, shoe stores, hairdressing stores, pedicure shops, etc.


decoration of exhibition space: decoration of multi-functional exhibition hall, mobile phone store, automobile sales exhibition hall, jewelry exhibition hall, sales department, wedding studio, product exhibition hall, exhibition hall, kindergarten Hospital decoration, shop decoration [service process] telephone contact – Measurement and drawing – quotation – contract signing – prepayment – material preparation – arrangement for construction – Interim acceptance – Interim Payment – construction closure – acceptance and settlement – filing – after-sales service.

Our responsibility: to provide advice, suggestions and solutions for the owner during the construction.

Our price: the price that ordinary people can accept.

We only earn hard money, not dirty money.

Our quality: pay attention to the details of construction.

Only by making the details in place can we improve the construction quality.

We know that quality is our survival cost.

We can’t tolerate any carelessness.

Our speed: time is precious, especially for customers.

Under the premise of ensuring quality, saving every day for each customer is our goal.

[service tenet] “everything starts from details” is our service tenet.

There is no better decoration service, only better decoration service.

Pay attention to every detail, only willing to provide you with good quality and better service.

Mediterranean style enjoys the freshness of blue sea and blue sky: Mediterranean style has unique aesthetic characteristics.

Generally, natural and soft colors are selected.

In the combination design, attention is paid to the spatial collocation, making full use of every inch of space, integrating decoration and application.

In the combination and collocation, triviality is avoided, which makes it appear generous and natural, emitting the ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste.

Features: (1) arch and semi arch, horseshoe shaped doors and windows, white walls, wooden furniture with low color brightness, simple lines and rounded edges.

The circular arch and ambulatory are usually connected by several or connected vertically.

When walking around, there is an extended feeling.

At the wall surface of the home (as long as it is not a load-bearing wall), you can use semi chiseling or full chiseling to shape the indoor scenery window.

(2) One of the most obvious features of the Mediterranean style is the painting and aging treatment on the furniture.

This treatment not only makes the furniture show the meaningful texture of classical furniture, but also shows the natural impression of the furniture being eroded by the sea wind under the clear sea and sunny day in the Mediterranean.

(3) The color characteristic of Zhonghai is that it does not need to be artificial, but presents its natural color.

(4) Aesthetic features: especially open free space.

The romantic simplicity of the American countryside: the American rural style is a form of the evolution of the life style of the rural areas in the western United States to today.

It is a little casual in the American home design, abandoning too much tedious and luxurious.

It has both the beautiful classical shape and the functional equipment of neoclassicism, which is simple, lively, warm and comfortable.

American rural style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing the simple flavor of the countryside.

American classical style is simple, clear, elegant and appropriate: American classical style is one of many styles.

On the basis of inheriting European culture, it combines the characteristics of American culture and forms its own style.

In fact, its style is a mixed style..

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