Why do I advise you to practice yoga in summer?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter recently, and the dog days of sweating are coming soon.

So some people just want to “be lazy secretly” and stop practicing yoga! Wait until the weather is cool.

Don’t have this idea.

Don’t miss the golden period of yoga.

3 benefits of summer Yoga 01 the best time for shaping summer due to the high temperature, the blood and Qi of the human body are relatively unblocked, and the metabolic rate will also be faster.

It is the time to reduce fat and shape.

At this time, if you choose to practice some strength yoga, you can not only increase the body muscle mass, but also have a better effect on the overall fat reduction and shaping! Winter diseases are cured in summer.

Summer is the season with the most Yang Qi.

Spring and summer replenish Yang.

In summer, the body’s metabolism is the most vigorous, which is conducive to expelling the cold and dampness deposited in the body.

For people with cold and weak constitution, summer is the best treatment period.

Especially those with arthritis, heavy moisture and severe cold should seize this opportunity to practice yoga and do some auxiliary exercises for the damaged joints, which will help to expel the cold, blood stasis and accumulated moisture from the body.

03 nourishing the heart belongs to fire in summer, and the corresponding viscera are “heart”, so nourishing the heart is the key point of health preservation in summer, which is the so-called “calm and naturally cool heart”.

Yoga can adjust people’s internal environment by sitting, meditating, breathing, etc., so as to achieve the best balance of heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, etc.

Practicing yoga in the hot summer can make us feel peaceful, eliminate restlessness, excessive tension and other bad emotions.

30 minute Yoga sequence 01 downward dog pose from cat cow pose to downward dog pose stop for 3-5 breaths 02 downward dog pose with one leg inhale, raise the right leg backward to enter downward dog pose with one leg 03 anti dog exhalation, lower the right leg backward to enter downward dog pose with 04 inclined plank mountaineering exhalation, tighten the core, bend the right knee upward to enter downward plank mountaineering pose with 05 downward dog pose with one leg inhale, raise the right leg backward again to return to downward dog pose with one leg 06 high lunge exhalation, Bend your right leg forward into the high bow step.

07 warrior bends backward to inhale, extends your spine, straightens your left hand upward, and puts your right hand back on the back of your left thigh to exhale.

Bend your body slightly backward.

08 warrior inhales in two moves, bend your right knee into the warrior’s second pelvis to stabilize, extend your spine to 09 inclined plate to exhale, enter 10 inclined plate variants to inhale, exhale with the left foot palm close to the root of your left thigh, and tighten the core 11-13 vinyasaflow to inhale, Turn your body back to the inclined plate to exhale, bend your elbow to enter the four column support to inhale, exhale in the upper dog pose, return to the lower dog pose, stop for 3-5 breaths, and pay attention to re practice on the other side.

The above sequence can be one breath per pose, or 3-5 breaths can be properly stopped, depending on the physical fitness and level of the practitioner-.

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