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Why is Yoga more suitable for men?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! In most people’s minds, when it comes to yoga, they immediately associate it with women.

It is generally believed that yoga is suitable for women because it can help women adjust their bodies to adapt to changes in each stage of their bodies.

So, is it not suitable for men to practice yoga? According to incomplete statistics, 80% in India and 66% in Europe and America are men practicing yoga.

In fact, in ancient times, yoga was originally designed for men, especially for athletic muscle men.

At present, most of the internationally renowned yoga masters are male, because some difficult movements can only be completed with certain muscle strength.

Why do men practice yoga? When men face pressure, they have few ways to vent.

They often ignore their physical conditions until their blood pressure rises and heart problems occur.

Research shows that the risk of heart disease and cancer caused by chronic stress is 6 times higher than that of smoking and high cholesterol; Moreover, middle-aged people are not easy to control their emotional stress, and the chance of dying has risen from 15% to 50%.

What are the benefits of yoga for men? 1.

Yoga can help men relax and reduce pressure.

Men bear various burdens such as work, life and family.

The pressure is much greater than that of women.

The practice of breath regulation can calm the restless mood, help change the impetuous character, improve the ability of self-control, and correct bad living habits.

Yoga needs more time and effort in the primary stage, because the primary stage emphasizes the flexibility of the body, and the flexibility of men is generally worse than that of women.

However, in the later stage of yoga practice, the requirements for strength are relatively high, and many movements are difficult for women to complete.

Men will not be disturbed by the physiological period when they practice yoga.

At this point, they are more suitable than women.


It helps men to change their impetuous character.

When men reach the golden age of 40, they begin to experience the dilemma of “physical strength is not as good as before” because of increased pressure and accelerated physical wear and tear.

There are many movements in yoga postures that are very beneficial to men’s health.

For example, exercise joints and massage internal organs, which are especially needed by men.

In general, yoga is not about exercise, but about cultivating the mind.

Through practice, the body will get better and better, but more “meditation”.


It can enhance male sexual ability.

Yoga can enhance the ductility and flexibility of the human body, and make the sexual life of both men and women more harmonious.


Shaping body shape with the development of society, having a good body shape is no longer just the demand of women.

Most men also want to have a good body and stay away from big belly and obesity.

And yoga can just create a good figure for the practitioner.


Yoga makes the mind more agile.

Breathing practice in yoga can help you control your brain, achieve peace and tranquility, and improve people’s attention and clear thinking.

In this way, you can maintain clear thinking and keep a cool head even in very messy work.

You can’t go until you’ve read everything 👍。.

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