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Women don’t always wear black pants in summer! “Yoga Pants” are popular this year. They are fashionable, thin and temperament

For most girls, they wear black pants when they don’t know what pants to wear.

Little black pants are really versatile, but it’s easy to bump into your shirt if you always wear them.

What’s more, many little black pants are easy to deform when they are worn too much.

This year, the “Yoga Pants” are popular.

They are as versatile as little black pants.

They are even more fashionable and slim assistants! Yoga pants are no longer the only pants you can wear in the gym.

Yoga pants are becoming more and more popular.

Tight yoga pants can outline a beautiful body curve, and they are elastic without binding.

Yoga pants are also versatile.

In addition to sports style, they can also hold a variety of other styles.

There are so many advantages in the pants.

Hurry to join me with Xiaobian to get to know them.

How to choose yoga pants? Many girls may think that tight pants like yoga pants are only suitable for thin girls without excess weight.

This is not the case.

As long as you choose the right style, most girls can wear yoga pants with a sense of fashion.

Don’t say much, just follow Xiaobian to see how to choose yoga pants.


color selection in addition to the common black yoga pants, there are also various colored yoga pants on the market.

It’s not that colored yoga pants can’t be worn.

It’s just that compared with black, color has a stronger visual impact, which will shift the focus of attention to the lower body.

The Yoga Pants themselves are tight fitting design, superimposed with color, which is also a defect in the lower body.

They are especially unfriendly to pear shaped bodies.

In particular, yoga pants with color patches on the hips or outside the thighs are even more disastrous.

Because these two places tend to be the places with the most fat accumulation, the color patches are easy to expose the fat, and will also appear wide crotch and big butt, which will reduce the body proportion.

So, it’s better to choose dark Yoga Pants honestly.


the pure black yoga pants are monotonous, and they look like yoga pants or leggings that can only be exercised indoors.

They are not suitable for wearing out.

Therefore, it is more recommended that girls choose yoga pants with simple small patterns, such as letters, stripes, etc.

But make sure the pattern is small enough, and it is best to avoid bright colors.

If you really want to wear color, you can.

However, the color with high saturation should be avoided, and can only be used in trouser legs, patterns and other places in a small area.

For example, the embellishment of color lines is very good, so that the line of sight will not be focused on the lower part of the body, and the dark can be avoided.

Coupled with a large area of dark color, it is thin and bright, killing two birds with one stone.

How to wear yoga pants is more fashionable.

You can choose yoga pants to avoid stepping on thunder.

But if you want to wear yoga pants in fashion, you need some collocation skills.

Because of the uniqueness of yoga pants, the collocation of Yoga Pants needs more attention.

But don’t worry.

Xiaobian has prepared a guide for you to match yoga pants.

Let’s have a look.


although the top length is short at the top and long at the bottom, it really shows the leg length, but it is not suitable for the matching of yoga pants.

A jacket without any cover for the lower body will only make the defects of the lower body more obvious against the backdrop of yoga pants.

Unless you have a good figure and no fat on your lower body, don’t try this method easily.

You can use a slightly longer top to match with yoga pants.

It’s best to cover the length of hips and thigh roots, so you don’t have to be afraid of exposing defects.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the shaping of the high waist line, otherwise the long coat is easy to lower the height.

You can also use the method of wearing a jacket inside and a long coat outside.

In the same way, you can hide the meat and look thin.

You can also protect the sun.

That is, the coat must be light and thin.


in addition to the top, the matching of shoes is also very important.

Yoga pants are a piece of sports.

If they are matched with sexy and feminine high heels and sandals, they will appear uncoordinated and give people a chaotic feeling, which is very tacky.

The retro Lefu shoes, Mary Jane shoes and yoga pants are also different.

If you don’t want to look nondescript, you’d better not mix and match them like this.

But it’s not that yoga pants must be paired with sneakers.

The matching of canvas shoes, Dad shoes and yoga pants, which are also sports style, is also very harmonious.

You can also try sports sandals or casual Muller shoes and grandma shoes.

They are comfortable but not stuffy.

They are just suitable for summer.

I really don’t know how to match them.

There are also versatile little white shoes.

They won’t go wrong in any way.


style matching in fact, no matter the top, shoes or yoga pants, we should pay attention to the style matching.

The simplest style adaptation is the matching of items of the same style, such as sports Vest + yoga pants + sports shoes.

This kind of collocation is simple and easy to use, and it is very harmonious.

It is very suitable for wearing Xiaobai.

Advanced players can try mix and match.

However, it should be noted that the mix and match is not random, but the pieces of different styles are matched together to balance and deduce another unique style.

For example, the sports style yoga pants with cool and handsome leather clothes are cool and casual, high and cold without lack of affinity, which is very unique.

But this kind of mix and match is easy to appear chaotic, so it is not recommended for girls to try.

That’s all for sharing about yoga pants.

After reading the article, are the girls no longer afraid of yoga pants? A good figure should be worn boldly.

Girls should also try to wear Yoga Pants out of the gym.

As for what is a good figure, everyone has different views, but Xiaobian believes that as long as it is healthy, it is a good figure.

What do the girls think?..

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