Yoga “downward dog” bow back? You need to adjust like this

On the way to yoga, you should pay attention to the downward dog pose either in yoga or in yoga.

It is a magical pose to never practice enough downward dog pose.

Here you can start the core and return to the positive position of the body.

However, even some old birds who have practiced yoga for a while still bow their backs.

The downward dog pose incorrectly demonstrates one of the techniques recommended today to open the thoracic spine, stretch the triceps brachii, awaken the awareness of the shoulder blades and upper back, and avoid bowing the back in downward dog pose.

You only need: a yoga brick, a wall, you can choose to straighten your legs or bend your knees, and you can choose according to whether the back of your thighs are pulled apart, so as to maintain a relaxed state of mind.

Facing the wall, grasp the Yoga brick with both hands from both sides, stick the Yoga brick to the wall, kneel on both knees, step on the ground with toes together, and touch the ground with elbows.

Lower your head to change the way of grasping the brick, and find a suitable elbow that is the same width as your shoulder.

If your elbow is uncomfortable, you need to use the yoga mat.

The brick should be stepped on the ground with toes in the middle of your shoulder blades.

Your knees should be moved forward one by one from the ground legs, and your upper back should be pressed against the brick.

If the back of your thigh is tight, Bend your knees and keep your hips raised.

Lift your heels and press your elbows down.

Push your small arms against the wall, stretch your triceps, and then press your back against the brick.

If you bend your knees and elbows to the waist in a straight line at the back of your thighs, keep raising your hips.

In order to make the shoulder blades retract, two elbows exert themselves in the direction away from each other, but the elbows do not really move.

The true love of Yoga people ~ after reading the article, you must take action and try it immediately, Only after personal experience can they be converted and absorbed, including other dry articles, many fine nodes or practice skills.

You must experience them yourself, which will make your practice more effective with less effort…

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