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Yoga teacher, yoga studio doesn’t make money? It’s easy to learn from Weimi and ask for money and beauty!

Why don’t yoga teachers make money? Why don’t yoga clubs make money? Because you haven’t discovered the customer’s pain point needs that you can’t solve the customer’s problems.

Of course, the customer won’t pay.

If the customer doesn’t pay, of course you can’t make money! Why do you say that learning Weimi from Sun Jing can make you money? Because beauty is a woman’s nature, a girl must have the need to lose weight, slim waist and raise her hips to become beautiful, and there must be pain points such as the collapse of the waist, the hump of the shoulder, the tiger’s back, the bear waist, and the thick legs.

According to these needs and pain points, the development of Weimi can not only help your customers solve these pain points, but also can be used for teaching after learning, Instant results let customers take the initiative to pay you for 3-4 sessions a month, 150-200 people in each session, and 10000 yoga teachers follow Sun Jing to learn VIMI every year.

You must not miss the results! For consultation, please long click on the following figure to identify the teacher’s QR code, teacher Sun Jing and the relevant introduction of the course.

Teacher Sun Jing’s Wei Mi Ti Diao course enrollment Wei Mi Ti Diao ™ The brand course was initiated by teacher Sun Jing and has been registered with the state trademark administration.

It can only be offered to students who have passed teacher Sun Jing’s training and examination.

[tuition] the national unified price is 6800 yuan, and the advance deposit of 500 yuan can be used in the same period without refund.

The graduates will receive the authorized course of Weimi body sculpture and the certificate of Asian sports instructors Union [instructor] Sun Jing and his team for advanced Pilates training, and master more than ten ways to use small tools, targeted slimming and a full set of slimming programs.

It is practical and integrated to let you learn the essence of Pilates.

It is an essential quality course for guests in the venue.

Teacher Sun Jing’s teaching system is deeply influenced by universalyoga, jivamulltiiyoga, rocketyoga, iyengaryoga and kundaliniyoga, and she has successively participated in gyrotonic ® Courses, American polestarpilates ® Polaris Pilates course, Canadian stottpilates ® Stoutepilates, bodyconcept and other international first-line Pilates teaching systems.

Every teaching point is the most needed promotion point for practitioners! The teaching advantages of Wei Mi body sculpture / course theory / targeted analysis of the relationship between different muscles and training, as well as the diagnostic schemes for different body problems (wing scapula, Fugui bag, X-shaped leg, O-shaped leg, rib valgus, round shoulder hunchback, etc.).

Do not pursue simple rapid weight loss, let you learn how to scientifically train and target shaping.

Through accurate assessment mode and solutions, we can get a safe, effective and practical course mode/ Course practice / provide multiple sets of graded secret maintenance course routines to avoid sports injury and gain ideas at the same time.

Why can’t you see the effect after training? How to accurately sculpt the beautiful back, thin waist, upturned hips, etc? First, what causes it, and then deal with it.

The truly efficient training is the analysis of a large number of offline cases that vary from person to person.

This gives you the answer.

Are you afraid that your members will run away from what yoga Xiaobai and fitness coaches can learn? Landing dry goods physiotherapy + precise shaping techniques + efficient training? The training is to avoid detours.


Sun Jing personally teaches you scientific training by teaching you how to reduce fat and shape in multiple sets.

The idea of the phased maintenance and secret course routine is clear.

You can use it at first / course marketing / hands-on teaching you how to warm up the market and implement marketing.

How to win in the open class and promote it effectively.

How to issue and renew orders, and how to make plans for different stages of secretarial training.

After learning, you can go back and start a new course.

The course orientation includes physiotherapy yoga, Weimi slimming, perfect chest and back, sculpted hips, and Victorian beauty.

Safe, effective and practical, it catches the eye of customers and has strong landing ability Market demand for body sculpture: slimming is a permanent career for women.

One in every six women will choose sports for shaping.

Postpartum repair: 80% of postpartum women pay attention to postpartum obesity and actively repair it.

Course registration: teacher Sun Jing Weimi body carving · 2022 Wuhan station time: 2022/7.18-23 (Wuhan Station) location: Wuhan, Hubei price: the national unified price of 6800 yuan registration: advance deposit of 500 yuan, the deposit can not be refunded and can be used in the same period activities: free of charge for full registration, the value of 2880 yuan Weimi body carving 7 antenna class consultation please identify the teacher’s two-dimensional code course by following the figure below for the specific arrangement of the first day [precision series] 1.

Breathing method with the characteristics of “exhaled waist essence”, Slim waist brings instant results 2.

Pilates exercise principle, accurately master Pilates teaching 3.

Muscle anatomy knowledge, correct muscle recruitment sequence, effectively avoid compensation 4.

Common training problems and misunderstandings, and how to do effective private education 4.

Effective hip and abdomen collection methods for postpartum abdominal wall relaxation crowd 5 How to effectively integrate Precision Series in yoga teaching? Don’t ask me why I need to learn breathing.

Don’t ask me what I need to learn about breathing.

It will subvert your private teaching ideas.

You will find that all sports rehabilitation problems will be solved, and how inseparable the posture adjustment and breathing that have troubled you for so long.

Yoga teacher, if you still only know abdominal breathing, chest breathing and full breathing, you will be out.

There is nothing forever fat, just whether you find the right way to exercise and whether you work hard enough..

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