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Yoga, we must pay more attention to dredge this part of the body, is very important for women!

Breast cancer is one of the most common gynecological diseases in women.

According to incomplete statistics, 80% of women will have breast problems, mild breast hyperplasia, severe breast cancer, tumors and so on.

However, Chinese women do not have a high awareness of breast problems, so the incidence rate of breast disease in China is the highest.

Overview of the main points of today’s article 1.

The anatomical structure of the breast 2.

How to simply self-test whether your breast is healthy? 3、 Why does yoga help dredge the breast? 4、 What living and eating habits are helpful for breast health care? 5、 Which Yoga asanas are helpful to dredge and maintain mammary glands? Anatomical structure of the breast the breast is located in the front of the chest, on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and thoracic fascia, and is hemispherical.

The breast includes the breast, breast lobules, etc.

02 how to self-test whether your breast is healthy? Armpit: the muscles around the armpit are soft, the skin color is even, and it is relatively healthy.

If it is hard or grainy, and the color is dark, it is relatively unhealthy.

Around the breast: there should be no nodule or pain when touching, and the healthy breast is soft and elastic areola: the flesh color and dark red are normal, and even after production and lactation, the areola blackening is abnormal.

03 why does yoga help dredge the breast? In Yoga asanas, many asanas are aimed at opening the chest and armpits, and these two areas are full of lymphatic system.

Lymph is mainly responsible for metabolism and excretion of waste toxins from human body.

If the muscles in the chest and armpit areas are in a tense state for a long time, it will inevitably affect the smooth flow of the front mammary glands, resulting in muscle tension and lymph nodes.

Yoga practice can fully stretch the deep chest muscles and help the body better metabolism, which is not available in other strength training.

Which living and eating habits are helpful for breast health care? 1.

Eat more fungi, soybeans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals.


Drink less coffee, fried foods, and some breast enhancement health products.


It is very important to maintain good mood and know how to relieve depression and stress.


Exercise more.

Yoga and strength practice are essential.

05 what yoga styles are helpful for dredging and maintaining the breast? The following yoga physiotherapy sequence can fully open the chest and armpit, help the axillary lymph detoxification and dredge the breast! Jia people remember to keep practicing! Action 1-3: upper dog pose, lower dog pose, phantom chair twist ▷ upper dog pose transitions to lower dog pose, keeping 5-8 breaths ▷ in lower dog pose, the legs slowly move forward to the middle of the hands ▷ inhale, enter phantom chair pose, exhale, put the right hand on the outside of the left knee ▷ extend the left hand straight to the ceiling, keep 5 breaths, and change the seemingly simple upper and lower dogs on the opposite side.

In fact, it can help us open the chest, strengthen the spine, and the phantom chair twist can fully open the armpits, Dredge lymph.

Asana 4-6: straight back pose, camel pose, one leg back forward bending pose ▷ transition from magic chair pose to straight back pose, pay attention to keeping the back extended ▷ stay for 5-8 breaths and prepare to enter camel pose ▷ kneel on both knees, let the thighs perpendicular to the ground ▷ inhale, push the thighs to the ground, extend the spine upward, keep the chest open ▷ exhale, move the shoulders around and grasp the heels ▷ pay attention to tightening the abdomen and hips, Keep 5-8 breaths ▷ withdraw from the camel pose and enter the one leg back extension ▷ sit on the mat, straighten your legs, bend your right knee so that your heels are close to the root of your left thigh ▷ inhale and extend your spine.

Exhale, push the body forward with both hands upward ▷ keep 8-10 breaths.

Practicing camel pose on the other side can open the heart chakra, make your body and mind happy.

It can also open the transverse chest muscle to prevent hypophyseal breast.

7-9: Triangle extension, swan pose Standing backward ▷ bending forward from the back of one leg into the triangle extension ▷ notice that the legs are separated for a long distance ▷ maintain 5-8 breaths ▷ transition from the triangle extension to the Swan ▷ notice that the hips are upright ▷ inhale, straighten the hands upward to extend the spine ▷ exhale and stay ▷ withdraw from the Swan ▷ transition from the downward dog to the forward bending ▷ inhale and extend the spine.

Exhale, tighten the core upper body and bend back ▷ keep 5-8 breaths and change to the other side of the triangle stretching pose and Swan pose.

These three poses can be extended to both sides of the waist, and open the chest and armpits to help blood circulation.

Pose 10-12: Warrior pose, counter pose, and bend the back of both legs forward ▷ enter the warrior pose from the previous pose ▷ pay attention to the straightening of the hips, Keep 5-8 breaths and change to the opposite side ▷ withdraw from the warrior in one form and enter the counter table ▷ pay attention to open and push up the chest, lift the pubic bone, and tighten the core and gluteal muscles ▷ keep 5-8 breaths ▷ finally, enter the back of both legs and stay forward for 1 minute.

Practicing the above three postures can help lengthen the side waist, open the chest, and strengthen the back strength.

You can often practice this yoga sequence of breast care to prevent breast problems, Don’t wait until the problem is discovered, it usually has reached a more serious level! Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga long press the QR code to pay attention to me..

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