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90% of people don’t know the two most important points of yoga “wheel form”!

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When doing wheeled, there should be two directions to work hard.

That is: lift the chest, lift the hips, lift the spine, the top is connected to the shoulder joint, and the bottom is connected to the pelvis.

1、 Lift up the chest.

When the shoulder joint is opened and the chest is lifted up, the spine is extended freely to the top of the head, otherwise it will be stuck there and cannot pass.

If you want to lift your chest up, push your hands down and straight, and at the same time, rotate your arms outward, let your shoulder blades retract, and push your chest out.

Open chest exercise ↓ 1.

Lie on your back with your hands raised (brick assisted) lying on your back, place the Yoga brick horizontally on your shoulder blades, extend your hands upward, grasp the edge of the yoga mat and keep it for more than 1 minute.


Practice with your elbows clamped inside, you can straighten your arms and push down more.

At the same time, your chest is easier to push the wheel pose with your palms up and against the wall, and tie a yoga belt on your arms to prevent your elbows from opening for 1 minute.

2 When the pelvis is lifted up, there is more room for extension of the lumbar spine, which is conducive to the extension of the entire spine.

If you want to lift your pelvis, you need to activate the strength of your legs.

When doing wheel pose, step down on your feet and push on both sides at the same time.

The inner side of your feet must be compacted to activate the strength of the inner thigh.

Hip lifting exercise ↓ when doing bridge or wheel pose, clamp a brick on the inner thigh and lift the pelvis.

Keep yoga practice for 1 minute to find internal space…

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