After practicing yoga, I found that this is a pit

On the way of yoga, I either pay attention to yoga, or pay attention to them on the way of yoga.

They say that practicing yoga can lose weight, so I jump in to become soft, I jump in to become beautiful, I jump in to be healthier, and I jump in.

But they didn’t tell me that yoga will be addictive after practicing, and I feel blue and thin after a few days of not practicing.

But they didn’t tell me that good yoga clothes and yoga mats were not cheap, but they were willing to pay for them.

But they didn’t tell me that yoga is not only asana, but also Yoga eight.

After practicing asana, I also want to practice meditation, breathing, cleansing, and chanting…

I just wanted to lose weight at the beginning.

How spicy and complex is it now? Yes, they didn’t tell me that yoga is a pit.

This pit is very deep.

After practicing yoga, I know that yoga has various sects: hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, iyanga yoga, flow yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga…

Just like the major cuisines at the banquet, the taste is different, but there is always one of your dishes.

After practicing yoga, I learned that Yoga culture has a long history.

Now the names of masters are better remembered than the names of stars.

There are also various titles like Wulin assembly, such as “leader”, “Tangfen” and “Gulu” (if you haven’t heard of them, it shows how deep this pit is!) After practicing yoga, I learned that asana is not only a pose, but also various positive principles.

For example, “the knee can’t exceed the toe”, “straighten the knee but can’t straighten too much, that’s called overstretching”, “bend the knee 90 °,” but if the hip is too tight, it can be greater than 90 ° “,” the back folds down, but if the back is arched, it can’t fold too much “…

Is it dizzy just listening? After practicing yoga, I know that the body is not just the body, it carries the Qi of life.

Practicing asanas uses not brute force but Qi, the coordination of breathing, and the operation of energy.

The body is not just the body, it carries my past emotions (most of them are bad, which leads to the tension and pain of body joints and muscles).

The process of practicing asana is to release these accumulated emotions, a process of clearing.

Yoga practice is now as natural to me as eating and sleeping.

I know yoga is a pit, but I’m willing to jump in, but I don’t want to come out ~ what about you? – there is a prize for leaving a message.

– today’s topic: I heard that you are also in the pit? Talk about your experience ~ welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on February 21, we will select the most lucky fans from the selected messages and send a yoga long sleeve (multicolor) as shown below.

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou ~..

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