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Can’t you lose thigh fat? 5-style yoga makes your thighs thin

Summer has arrived, but I haven’t had time to lose my legs.

I believe you are in a hurry! You must be collecting all kinds of slimming methods all over the world, looking for effective ways of your own.

Let’s take a look at the five leg Slimming yoga moves compiled by Xiaobian to lose thigh fat and practice slim legs to meet the arrival of midsummer.

Right angle yoga, this posture can strengthen the ankle, eliminate the stiffness of the arm, and feel the stretching of the ligaments of both legs during practice, so as to shape a slender leg shape.

The action is broken down as follows: 1) stand, legs together, arms on both sides of the body, hands cross fingers, palms down in front of the body; 2) Move your arms above your head, take the bottom of your spine as the fulcrum, and bend your upper body forward and down until your back forms a right angle with your legs.

Yoga’s backward bending, this posture increases the flexibility of both legs by stretching backward to achieve the effect of beautiful legs.

The action is broken down as follows: 1) enter in a standing position, bend your waist and back, and tilt your upper body back; 2) In the process of bending back, your hands touch the wall, and your legs can lean forward slightly.

A variant of dance yoga, this pose exercises the thigh and calf muscles by opening the legs, making your leg lines more compact and dynamic.

The action is broken down as follows: 1) stand upright, put the center of gravity on the left foot, lift the right leg from the back and bend the knee, lower leg up, wrap the right hand behind the body, grasp the palm of the right foot from the back, and try to lift the right leg; 2) The upper body slowly bends forward and downward until the five fingers of the left hand support the ground.

The right hand holds the palm of the right foot unchanged, and the left leg remains upright, with the center of gravity still on the left leg.

A variant of downward dog pose, this pose can stretch the lower abdomen, reduce the excess fat on the waist, abdomen and thighs, and make your body more sexy and slim.

The action is broken down as follows: 1) stand in mountain pose, keep your right leg still, lift your left leg back, and then your upper body leans forward; 2) Stand on tiptoe on your right foot, support the ground with your right finger, bend your left leg, and stabilize your left leg with your left elbow.

Triangle twist yoga, this posture can not only stretch the inner thigh, strengthen the strength of leg muscles, but also stretch the waist and abdomen muscles, and eliminate the excess fat on the waist and legs.

The action breakdown is as follows: 1) standing posture, try to separate your feet, so that the left thigh and calf form a 90 degree angle and parallel to the ground.

The left hand passes through the inside of the left leg and holds the back of the right hand.

2) Straighten your left leg, put your left hand on the popliteal fossa of your left leg, turn your upper body sideways upward as far as possible, turn your head upward, and look directly above.

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