Have you learned the exclusive yoga pose of the most beautiful goddess?

No matter how long you practice yoga? I believe most people will stick to one thing, that is, open the hip, but few people can open the hip completely at one time, and a single exercise often makes us in a dilemma and difficult to make new breakthroughs.

Today, yoga honey wants to share with you nine advanced exercises about dove style, which is mainly to give you a self-test of the opening degree of your hips, and also give you a correct guide for people who want to open their hips safely.

Yoga semi dove Yoga dove can stretch the inner and outer sides of the thigh roots.

Beginners can start by practicing half dove pose.

In class, we often see various “grotesque” postures.

As shown in the left figure, with the right leg in front, do the right crotch outward rotation opening exercise, and many people’s bodies will tilt to the right.

The reason is: in this way, the ass can sit down and it won’t hurt, but have you ever thought about what’s wrong with doing this? Or two sentences! We must keep in mind: 1 This did not get effective practice at all.

2 If the hip is not correct, it will affect the curve of the whole spine.

If the hips are tight and it is difficult to put the hips straight, students can warm up and stretch the hips and thigh roots with the following actions: · stand, bend the right leg, put the right ankle on the left knee · put the right hand on the right knee, put the left hand on the left ankle · chest down against the right calf, keep breathing for 10 times, change sides · lie on your back, bend the knee, Place your right ankle above your left knee.

Hold your left knee with both hands for 1 minute.

Switch sides.

Squat deeply, turn your right foot outward, push your left leg straight to the left side of the body, and hook your toes back.

Put your hands together in front of your chest for 1 minute.

Switch sides.

Land on your left knee, straighten your left leg backward, and keep your instep close to the ground.

Open the cover of your right knee outward, push your right knee outward with your right hand.

Hold your left hand on the ground for 1 minute, switch sides.

Based on the previous pose, Bend your elbows and lower arms to support the ground.

Keep your body forward and downward for 1 minute.

Change sides.

Sit in a sitting position, bend your knees, keep the palms of your feet opposite, hold the palms of your hands to open to both sides.

Push your calves downward with your elbows, retract your abdomen, extend your chest forward, and keep for 1 minute.

Sit up, bend your knees to overlap, lower your left leg and upper right leg, so that your calves are parallel to the edge of the cushion.

Hook the baseboard back, so that the upper and lower knees and ankles are aligned.

Put your hands together, and place your elbow joints on your calves, Keep your chest forward and down for 1 minute.

If you can’t sit on the ground when keeping your hips straight, put a yoga brick under your right thigh and practice half dove pose.

Keep it for 1 minute and change the other side.

Yoga honeyed dove pose from official account is difficult and requires a flexible hip.

Therefore, for the little partner who is naturally tight in the crotch joint, it is recommended to use a towel under the crotch of the bent knee to assist in supporting the body and balance the two sides.

The body is a whole.

After the crotch is balanced, the shoulders will naturally be balanced.

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