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How terrible is the person of self-discipline Yoga?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! The diary of a wise woman.

A wise woman knows how to act stupid in time! It is a kind of happiness and wisdom to face life with a smile every day and regard ordinary life as a flower.

The official account, the official account, has been banned.

All the pain of people is essentially anger at their incompetence, and self-discipline is the fundamental way to solve the pain of life.

Yoga is also so difficult.

Most of the reasons why the road of yoga is difficult to go are due to the lack of self-discipline.

Obviously, it’s time to go to bed at 12 o’clock, and you have to brush the circle of friends again.

Obviously, you can get up early and do morning exercises.

The Yoga alarm clock rings countless times, but you don’t think of sighing every day and worrying about the status quo, but you don’t have the courage and perseverance to change I was ready to start practicing yoga.

After three days of practice, I gave up because I was hard and afraid of pain.

After a few days, I thought I couldn’t give up the result so easily.

After two days of practice, I began to doubt that I was too stiff…

So the people who started Yoga together almost became masters.

She was still in the cycle of “doubt hesitation three minutes of heat”, so life was getting out of control.

Yoga also became “bad” and “ineffective” in her eyes.

In fact, The root cause of all this is the lack of self-discipline.

There may be only one reason to stick to yoga, but there are thousands of excuses to give up yoga.

Self disciplined people never make any excuses for themselves.

Sun Li has been practicing yoga with her best friend for 12 years.

When filming, she wore prison clothes to practice yoga.

Wang Ziwen stuck to yoga and clocked in even on the set…

The terrible thing in this world is not that people who are better than you.

The terrible thing is that people who are better than you are better than you You are more self disciplined and more hardworking.

You are sleeping in, she is in yoga, you are playing games, she is in yoga, you are shopping, she is in yoga, you are having a party, eating and drinking, she is in yoga…

They have given Yoga all the time that can be used for “recreation” and their own free time to adhere to yoga for decades.

Why are yoga people in such good shape? That’s because there is self-discipline in their yoga.

Why are yoga people so good in temperament? That’s because the success of self-discipline brings them confidence.

So when you decide to start yoga, please don’t give up practicing self-discipline.

The road of yoga is full of surprises! After reading it, please watch it before you leave 👍。.

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