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How to correct dog elbow hyperextension under Yoga? (collection level)

Before talking about dog pose, let’s talk about the most basic principle or common sense of yoga pose: when the bones are in the right position, the body can activate the minimum muscle energy to maintain the correct pose.

In other words, the bone is in the right position, which is the most labor-saving.

What are bone malpositions? It mainly refers to the misalignment of joints, such as elbow hyperextension, knee hyperextension, warrior knee over ankle, etc.

What is the effect of joint misalignment in knee hyperextension diagram? First of all, in the long run, there will be pain, which is from the physical level.

At the energy level, when the joint is not in the right position, the energy flow of this pose is wrong.

How to adjust the joint misalignment? Joint malposition is actually adjusting the position of the bones at both ends.

Of course, the position of the bones at both ends needs to be adjusted by activating the muscles attached to the bones.

Today, we take the following dog pose as an example: in downward dog pose, many people will have elbow hyperextension, especially beginners who are soft but lack orthostatic awareness.

What happens to the elbow hyperextension in downward dog pose? In downward dog pose, the elbow is extended, and the force brought by pressing the palm down is upward and inward (as shown on the left).

Ideally, this energy should pass through the long axis of the forearm bone, the big arm bone, the shoulder, and then to the upper body and pelvis.

Correct downward dog pose can only be made by adjusting the positive position of arm bone.

The strength of the hand can better push down, which will bring about the stretching of the back of the thigh.

At the same time, it will overstretch the joint capsule in the front of the joint, causing uneven stress on the joint.

How to correct downward dog elbow hyperextension? First, do several Sun Salutation warmups, and then do downward dog pose to relax the triceps brachii.

The palms of both hands firmly compact the ground, and the palms move slightly inward to feel each other (there is no real moving distance).

This will start the elbow flexor – biceps brachii – to slightly bend the elbow balance to offset the hyperextension, keep the elbow flexor activated, and then gradually start the triceps brachii to straighten the elbow.

In terms of biomechanics, this is called synchronous contraction.

If you try this technique for the first time, you can kneel down from the downward dog knee and keep the position of your hands still.

Now find the feeling here and repeat this action many times, and you will gradually have muscle memory.

Next time, you can directly activate the biceps brachii without going to the palms of both hands to get close to each other.

After proficiency, it will automatically come to the positive position- Leave a message with a prize – today’s topic: practice, find skills, get twice the result with half the effort.

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