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How to eliminate small belly? Practice this 4-style yoga to help you shape your charming vest line!

Some people say that a woman’s attitude towards her life and living standard can be seen from her lower abdomen.

Those women who are very self demanding are absolutely not allowed to have swimming circles on their stomachs.

What they do more is to strengthen the management of their own weight and control their weight within a certain range.

They don’t have to practice their abdominal muscles, but their abdomen must be kept very flat and free of any fat.

Of course, those who pursue perfection will very much expect to have sexy and charming abdominal muscles.

Are you still worried about your little belly? Sister Xuan shares a set of Yoga actions for effectively exercising abdominal muscles, which can help you shape a charming waistcoat line while flattening your lower abdomen.

Each action is done twice and circulates in 3 groups.

Each group needs a rest time of 30 seconds.

As long as you take a little time to practice every day, you can practice an enviable tight lower abdomen.

Although the action of bow pulling seems to be very simple and easy to practice, it is actually very complex to operate and requires good coordination of the body.

Because of this, it can effectively eliminate the fat and fat accumulated in the waist and abdomen, and also flatten the small belly, making the waist more slender.

Rely on the weight of the legs to maintain the balance of the body, so that the legs do not fall to the ground in the air.

Keep your chest close to the ground and extend your arms upward.

Hold your hands and feet and press down to give your body the strength to bend to the extreme.

The one leg round the head pose tests the flexibility of the body.

It has a very good stretching effect on the abdomen and crotch.

Especially for women, this action can help them reduce the fat in the waist and abdomen, and can also promote the shaping of vest line and soften the waist.

First, enter from the sitting position and support the ground with one hand backward.

The other hand goes forward around the left leg and is supported in front.

Extend your right leg upward, extend your left leg backward, bend your knees, and extend your calf to the right.

Double angle pose is also an action that can exercise the abdomen.

During the practice, you can feel the extension of the spine and the compression of the abdomen.

If you practice often, you can exercise your abdominal muscles, which is very helpful to lose weight and enhance your digestive function.

First, enter from a standing position, with your feet separated by the same width as your shoulders, and keep your arms straight.

Your hands should be about 10 cm away from your hips, and your legs should be separated to the farthest distance.

Lean forward with your head down between your calves.

Keep your head on the ground and extend your arms as far forward as possible.

This action of single leg downward dog can help us stretch the muscles of the abdomen, strengthen the flexibility of the spine, and also move the back, strengthen the strength of the waist, and reduce the excess fat of the waist and abdomen, which is very beneficial to shaping the waistcoat line.

First, start with downward dog pose, lift your left leg and straighten it, and place your left and right legs in a straight line.

Lift the right leg up and keep the left leg and the right leg in a straight line.

Lift your left heel slightly and sink your right shoulder.

That’s all for today’s thin belly movement.

Have you mastered its basic essentials? So at ordinary times, we must be strict with ourselves.

With a little practice of sister Xuan’s action essentials, we can quickly get rid of the small belly.

Here we can help you practice the charming waistcoat line, so that you can become confident and beautiful from now on.

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