In 1999, 130 Jin domestic yoga teachers took hip photos, and netizens were not calm about their large girth figure

With the opening of the times, fitness culture is becoming increasingly popular, and the concept of “weight ≠ figure” has been gradually recognized by more and more people.

Through fitness and iron rolling, ladies and sisters can sculpt and polish their body curves into their favorite style – which can be symmetrical and slim, or strength and tension; It can be fuller and more promising, such as the one I want to introduce to you today! Slim and tight waist, full and round watermelon hips, tight and straight long legs.

Just looking at your back perfectly interprets the word “sexy”! When the little sister turned around, her proud e-cup chest outlined a forward convex and backward foul curve, which attracted friends to shout: I can’t stand it! In sharp contrast to the devil’s figure and hot waist hip ratio, who can resist such a double attack with that sweet and lovely, delicate and small Lori face? Little sister Weibo name @ liliyazu, born in 99, now lives in Guangdong.

My job is a yoga teacher and also a popular fitness blogger! In addition to her body, Lily’s strength should not be underestimated! As a professional yoga teacher, her flexibility and coordination are first-class! It’s nothing to talk about horse, waist down and handstand! All kinds of difficult aerial yoga moves are easy.

The 130 Jin body is not bulky at all, but extremely soft and light…

While standing upside down, taking selfies to dry the peach hips, which is not what ordinary people can do! Although yoga has been practiced for many years, fitness and iron rolling have been going on for nearly 2-3 years.

Accidentally saw a sexy hip raising photo of a little sister in Europe and America, which instantly gave Lily the idea of hip training…

From scratch, study and learn the method of training movements; With a good natural foundation and hard work, Lily soon saw a significant improvement! After each hip abuse, bask in a fruit, like a ball, full circumference, round shape of the best hip, people can’t help thinking about Rua twice! When the buttocks of such a ball shake, not to mention the little brother, even the girls can’t help looking more! During the fitness process, lily also met more little sisters with similar interests.

It’s easy to carry a good sister on your back and take photos.

Your girlfriend’s strength is overwhelming! And in terms of diet, Lily never treats herself badly.

Learn balanced nutrition collocation, and even fall in love with daily trivia such as purchasing and cooking! Not only did she practice the peach hips she yearned for, but strength training + Yoga stretching, combining hardness and softness, polished Lily’s overall figure and lines extremely smoothly, which can be said to be a combination of sexiness and softness! Hip Wrap Skirt and bikini are easy to control.

Take photos of concave shapes outside and turn into the most beautiful and eye-catching scenery in minutes! At the same time, there will also be some people who can’t accept Lily’s plump body, spit out that she is fat, and even say that she practices her hips just to impress…

Lily laughs at this.

After all, she is very clear about her goal and direction, and hopes to go further and further in the fitness and yoga industry she is passionate about, and break into her own world! I don’t know how many points do you give to such a 130 Jin fitness girl? Instead of dieting to lose weight and become thin into paper people, to meet the so-called mainstream aesthetics, why not actively exercise and fitness? Stick to it, in addition to getting better, it can also make you gain confidence, health, and sublimation from the inside out!..

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