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In the flow yoga practice, must it be one breathing and one posture?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Hatha Yoga tutorial simple yoga moves, easy slimming shaping! Official account the official account has been banned teacher: when practicing flow yoga, I always feel that the teacher’s password is too fast and I can’t keep up with the rhythm.

Do I have to breathe and pose when practicing Flow Yoga? In fact, it’s not necessarily.

The practice should be matched according to your current ability.

If you feel that you can’t keep up with the teacher’s command and can’t do one breath and one posture, you can stop for more breaths according to your actual situation! Today, Xiaobian shares a set of Flow Yoga sequence, which is more suitable for the flow of Jia people with a certain foundation.

Let’s try it together! 01.

Big worship – Cat cow enters from big worship, adjust it for 1-2 minutes, enter cat cow inhale, raise your head, extend your spine, exhale upward, lower your head and abdomen, and perform dynamic exercises with chest and bow back for 12-15 times 02.

Downward dog – Crescent Moon – semi God monkey enters downward dog from cat cow, adjust 3-5 breaths, exhale forward with your right leg bent, exhale downward with your left hip, exhale backward with your hips into semi God monkey, Feel the stretch of the back of the right leg, stay for 3-5 breaths, return to the downward dog pose, and change the other side to practice 03.

Phantom chair pose – standing forward bend from the semi God monkey step forward into the phantom chair pose, stay for 3-5 breaths, breathe out, bend forward and hold the elbows with both hands together for 3-5 breaths, breathe out with both hands clasped behind, and keep both hands as far away from the back as possible for 3-5 breaths 04.

Four pillar support – upward dog pose – downward dog pose, withdraw from standing forward bend, Withdraw your legs into the four pillars to support and inhale, enter the upper dog exhale, and adjust 3-5 breaths in the lower dog exhale.


Soldier one – standing single leg lifting – inclined board mountaineering enter soldier one from the lower dog pose.

Take the right leg as an example, stop for 3-5 breaths, support the ground with the right leg forward, lift the left leg up with the knee bent, and stop for 3-5 breaths.

Then withdraw your legs to the inclined board exhale, bend your right knee forward to find your chest 06.

Soldier one – soldier three inclined board mountaineering inhale, When returning to the soldier, stop for 3-5 breaths and exhale, the center of gravity of the body is forward, the right leg supports the ground, enters the soldier, stops for 3-5 breaths and inhalations, returns to the inclined plate exhalation, tightens the core, bends the right knee forward, and looks for the left elbow 07.

Soldier one – one leg spine extension – inclined plate mountaineering style returns to soldier one again, stops for 3-5 breaths and inhalations, exhales with the right leg propped up, tightens the core, and raises the left leg backward and upward to return to the inclined plate exhalation, Tighten the core, bend the right knee forward and find the right elbow from pose 05-07 to practice on the other side.


Enter the goddess inhale from the goddess locust bow pose, exhale slightly from the toes and knees, tighten the core, stand on tiptoe and stay for 3-5 breaths.

Withdraw from the goddess pose, bend down and enter the locust inhale, extend the spine and exhale, tighten the core, keep both hands and legs away from the cushion surface and stay for 3-5 breaths into the bow inhale, Bend your knees backward, grasp the instep with both hands backward, exhale, tighten the core, pull the instep backward with both hands, and stay up for 3-5 breaths.


Shoulder handstand supine spine twisting – great relaxation into shoulder handstand.

Pay attention to chest opening, scapula adduction, core tightening, body lifting up and staying for 3-5 breaths into supine spine twisting supine, bend your knees to the left and stay for 1 minute, change the other side to lie on your back, and relax your body and mind for more than 3-5 minutes, You can also use one breath and one posture, which can be determined according to your actual situation.

After reading it, please watch it before you leave 👍。.

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