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Yoga backward bending “is not backward bending”, 90% of people may not know it (collection level)

When yoga can’t bend back, many students say they have a hard waist and can’t bend.

In fact, do not regard backward bending as backward bending, but the extension of the front side of the body, so as to go deep into backward bending and avoid the compression of the lumbar spine at the same time.

Wrong approach: the chest is not extended.

Correct approach: the chest is extended.

The Yoga backward bending posture is the strength and stability of the lower body, and the opening and submission of the upper body.

Strength and stability of the lower body: it is mainly the strength of the thighs.

For example, when doing wheel pose, start the strength of the thighs, push the feet forward, push the chest away, and slightly retract the thighs to prevent the lumbar vertebrae from being squeezed.

At the same time, the transverse abdominal muscle should be activated to protect the lumbar spine.

Upper body opening and submission: mainly the extension of thoracic vertebrae and the opening of shoulders.

Retract the shoulder blades back to the upper back, expand the armpits, extend the arms, and actively lift the chest.

It also requires the opening and extension of the front of the hip.

With these awareness, let’s try the practice from advanced camel pose to wheeled pose: landing on the knee, the same width as the hip, aligning the hips, putting the hands together with the chest, lifting the chest up to keep the chest up, extending the spine backward, starting from the front of the thigh, aligning the hips with the knees, keeping the strength of the thigh and the extension of the thoracic vertebra forward, extending the hands backward, loosening the cervical vertebra, continuing to maintain the strength of the thigh, extending the thoracic vertebra slowly backward, looking for the ground with both hands, and finally letting the hands support the ground, The palm heel compacts the ground, the front side of the body is fully extended, the elbows are bent 90 °, the feet are on the ground, the hips are forced to lift the heels and thighs, the knees and arms are continuously forced, the arms are extended, the front side of the body is extended and opened, and finally the heels are on the ground.

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