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Holistic Yoga: looking at the evolution journey in a fast forward way (middle)

Part2 psychology, cosmology and soul transformation practice holistic yoga was created by Indian sage Aurobindo and a French partner known as “mother”.

In the 1920s, in Pondicherry, more and more people gathered around Aurobindo, and mother organized these people formally and settled in Aurobindo monastery.

This monastery is actually a viable testing ground that can accelerate human evolution, with the purpose of transforming the lives of all participants into sacred lives.

Orobindo stated that life is yoga, and all daily activities can become the way of spiritual evolution.

From an overall perspective, Aurobindo integrates the spiritual wisdom inheritance of the past with the modern scientific evolution view.

It is in his system that we found the first and most comprehensive interpretation and practice of evolutionary Yoga psychology and cosmology.

Many spiritual traditions focus entirely on the liberation of consciousness and try to achieve eternal existence beyond life and death.

Their goal is to get rid of the cycle of life and death, so they ignore the development of the evolutionary potential of life on earth.

But the goal of holistic Yoga created by Aurobindo is not only the liberation of consciousness, but also the evolutionary transformation of human life, so as to realize the sacred life on this earth.

Contemporary scientific research shows that life on earth has evolved for hundreds of millions of years, and the scroll of the tree of evolution is still slowly unfolding.

Science believes that evolution is a random probability event of gene occurrence, while Aurobindo believes that consciousness is the fundamental reality behind all beings, and has long existed in the material world.

Evolution is the way for this secret consciousness to liberate itself and create increasingly complex life forms to express itself.

The human mind has reached the peak of natural evolution, but its evolutionary path has not been completed.

Above the mind is the consciousness of a higher dimension.

The state of consciousness called the supreme mind by Aurobindo is the next stage of earth evolution.

The new human species endowed with the heart are manifesting from the current human.

We can understand the long evolution of life on earth as unconscious “natural yoga”.

In this process, plants and animals do not have conscious will.

But human beings are self aware, so evolution can be transformed into a conscious process, which makes it possible to consciously accelerate evolution.

More brilliant life forms are hidden in ourselves, waiting quietly.

Holistic yoga is the process of accelerating the blooming of these life forms.

Pure consciousness is an indivisible whole, but its way of existence has two poles.

The vast spectrum of consciousness moves back and forth between these two poles, resulting in many space-time universes with different dimensions and sizes.

The human mind involves only a narrow range of consciousness, between the upper and lower poles.

Superconsciousness is at the top, that is, existence, consciousness, unity and bliss.

Ancient prophets called it Sazi Ananda.

The unconscious at the bottom refers to the inert material world, whose consciousness is completely asleep.

Science fully explores the material side of the real world through objective analysis, trying to understand the operation of natural forces.

But yoga explores the high-dimensional field of consciousness, revealing the source of creation through subjective psychological experience.

The upper and lower ends of consciousness contain the opposite content in a hidden and unexplained way.

At the end of super consciousness, the material universe exists with eternal and infinite potential; On the unconscious side, pure consciousness is fully invested in the material dream.

Evolution is a game between the two poles: matter flows to consciousness, and consciousness flows to matter.

Consciousness is constantly flowing up and down between these two poles.

What regulates the flow of consciousness up and down is the creative power that makes everything manifest, which orobindo calls super mind.

The first and foremost balancing act of the super mind is the automatic extension of the noumenon of saziananda, that is, God conceives infinity into finite forms.

At this time, consciousness and matter are the same.

All things develop in a unified and integral form, without any individuality.

Under the second balancing act of super mind, the divine consciousness develops an individualized process, which is dispersed in different forms.

The essence of individual soul is the same, and the presentation methods are different.

The third balancing act of the super mind is to project itself into space and time and participate in its operation.

In the state of unity, he enjoys the binary opposition of universal existence and full of bliss.

With the motionless unity reality, he supports the reality of all things in the universe and enjoys the divine evolution drama in space and time.

The third balancing act of the super mind involves the unconscious side, which follows the law of the soul, where it supports and drives the evolution of consciousness from the bottom up through various forms.

This is the fire god ajini, who knew the mystery of life in the mouth of the ancient Vedic prophets.

This involves continuous evolution over many lifetimes, and we will eventually find the inner pure soul, the divine soul of love and joy.

In the process of gradual evolution and individualization, the sacred fire began to transform into soul beings.

Once individual soul beings continue to develop, they begin to take over the flowering and fruiting process of evolution and lead mankind on the road of transformation and transformation.

This is the first step and foundation of holistic yoga.

Under the surface consciousness, evolution has been going on secretly, but we don’t realize that we have embarked on this journey.

In the initial stage of development, soul beings exist in the form of sacred light spots, covered by layers of superficial consciousness.

What we are usually aware of is these conscious activities at the front and surface, which together constitute the false self or ego.

These activities include thoughts, thoughts, imagination, memory, emotions, passion, driving force, desire, perception and habits.

It can be a fully individualized self, or an ego more identified with collective consciousness.

If the ego is not fully developed, thoughts and feelings will change with the collective, and a unique individuality has not yet formed at the spiritual level..

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