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Is it good or bad to practice yoga in front of the mirror?

Dot the blue words to pay attention to “Yoga topic” to practice yoga.

Will your teacher say, “look in the mirror and see if your actions are not in place” “when practicing by yourself, you can compare with the mirror” to practice yoga.

Is it good or bad to practice in front of the mirror? I believe those yoga practitioners in ancient India must have no mirror in the process of practicing.

I would like to ask you, what do you want to see in the mirror when practicing yoga? Is the asana standard? Or pay more attention to body shape? Practicing yoga, now more emphasis on postures and ignoring asanas is just the process of yoga, not the final result of yoga.

Blindly practicing yoga in front of the mirror to pursue the appearance of asanas will only lead to the distraction of the practitioner’s concentration, which will affect the process of yoga meditation.

Are you using “body” to feel Yoga asanas or using “eyes” to feel the extension of muscles? Asana is not the goal and focus of yoga practice, but a way to achieve body balance.

Patangali’s “Yoga Sutra” says that it has never been mentioned that the only requirement for perfect asana is “comfortable and stable”.

If you are used to practicing yoga in front of a mirror, you are actually using “eyes” Practicing yoga instead of practicing yoga with your heart will lose the focus and awareness in yoga.

If you pay attention to yourself in the mirror, you can’t pay attention to your heart.

The most wonderful part of yoga practice is the movement of internal energy.

If you simply observe whether the posture is standard with your eyes, it will become as lifeless as an assembly line machine.

This is not the ultimate goal of yoga.

At this time, your energy will be scattered and lost Yoga is not a performance, nor is it a asana competition, and you don’t need others to comment.

You don’t need to see yourself perfect in the mirror.

The real perfection is not to struggle, to persist, and to reconcile.

This is the ultimate goal of yoga posture.

Over demanding the perfection of asana doesn’t mean the perfection of yoga practice.

The real yoga asana practice is like what patangali said: comfortable, stable, relaxed Deep breathing and the free flow of energy let the brain enter a state of meditation and concentration.

Next time, try yoga against the wall.

First close your eyes, take a deep breath, breathe through each breath, calm down, and then tell us what magical discoveries we have..

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