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It is not easy to take 365 days for anything, such as yoga

If you can persist in doing one thing every day for one year, it will be 365 days.

It is not easy to multiply the small persistence by 365.

For example, yoga, when you make up your mind to do one thing, you will find that all kinds of obstacles come.

For example, when you make up your mind to lose weight, the next day someone asks you to eat hot pot, when you make up your mind to yoga, you will find that, If you have to work overtime tonight, you can’t go to class tonight, go to bed late tomorrow, and don’t get up early to practice yoga.

Anyway, various obstacles come one after another, but these obstacles are external.

What you can do is to make changes, such as improving work efficiency and striving not to work overtime; For example, going to bed early at night and getting up one hour early in the morning to practice yoga.

When you don’t really want to practice yoga, 10000 excuses are not enough.

When you really want to practice yoga, 10000 obstacles are nothing.

No matter how small the effort is multiplied by 365, it is not simple.

For example, yoga, those who can’t persist for more than 3 months are all hooligans.

Some people feel that yoga is ineffective – too thin, too hard, and powerless.

That’s because they fish for three days and dry their nets for two days.

That’s because they give up after less than three months.

Those who have been practicing for several years all speak with the comparison diagram of before and after.

There is a picture and there is a truth.

Complex things are simple to do, and simple things are repeated.

Yoga asana practice is the same.

Simplify the complex asana, find the foundation, grasp the key points and step by step.

Repeat the simple asana, which is better than the following dog pose and upper dog pose.

Repeat it continuously, and make a little progress each time.

Can stand loneliness, can wait until the flowers bloom, can keep the original heart, can keep the prosperity.

The same goes for yoga practice.

Only when you can endure the loneliness of morning exercises alone can you suddenly realize in your loneliness.

Only by keeping the original mind of yoga practice can we avoid drifting with the tide.

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