The most practical and simple home Yoga action, yoga at home, the effect is also very significant!

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, what kind of training at home can best exercise all parts of the body? The answer, of course, is yoga! Now let’s introduce some home Yoga actions, and carry out 1-5 cycle exercises according to your own practice level.

The specific actions are as follows: action 1 dog foot lifting and hip lifting for 20-30 times ▼ action 2 push up hip lifting for 10-20 times ▼ action 3 push up lateral displacement for 10-20 times ▼ action 4 alternate flat support for 10-20 times ▼ action 5 prone swing arm for 10-20 times ▼ action 6 lateral support extension for 10-20 times.

Pay attention to safety when practicing, and choose according to your own practice level.

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