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These 10 yoga moves make your stomach smaller and your hips cocked up!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Xiaobian shares 10 improved versions of Yoga variants, thin abdomen + beautiful legs, one time! Come and have a try! Action 01 keep the lunge squat position, exhale the left leg in front and tighten the core, bend the knees and squat down with the front and rear legs at 90 degrees, extend the back for 12 times, and then change to the other side.

02 stand in mountain style, hold the hip core with both hands, lift the right leg and exhale, straighten the right leg as far as possible and inhale upward, restore the knee bending state.

Practice 12-15 times on each side of the leg.

03 withdraw from mountain style standing, enter the second warrior, bend the right leg, inhale, and stretch the right leg with both hands upward, Exhale, return to each side of soldier 2, keep dynamic practice for 12-15 times.

Action 04 withdraw from soldier 2, enter soldier 3, support the ground with the left leg, exhale with the hip in the right position, squat down, inhale and restore each side of the leg.

Exercise 12-15 times.

Action 05 withdraw from soldier 3, enter the goddess type tiptoe, hold the hips with both hands outward with the knees slightly, tighten the left and right heels, and practice 20 times.

Action 06 squat quietly against the wall.

The core tightens the legs, bends the knees and exhales 90 degrees from the ground, Lift the right leg straight and inhale forward to restore, exhale and change the other two legs to practice alternately for 12-15 times action 07 right hand on the ground, exhale sideways to the right to tighten the core, put the left hand on the back of the head and bend the knee, touch the elbows and knees with each other after dynamic practice for 12 times, change the other side action 08 side panel retreat, enter the flatbed support exhale and tighten the core, sink the hips to inhale, restore the flatbed support dynamic practice for 12-15 times action 09 sit up and inhale with the hips on the ground, Bend your knees, lift your hands, exhale on both sides of your thighs, tighten your core legs, straighten and inhale forward to restore, practice 12 actions 10 prone, stretch your hands forward to exhale, tighten your core, bend your elbows, pull down to inhale, straighten and move forward to practice 12 times tips: a person with good physical fitness can appropriately increase the practice time by 1-2 times! You can’t go until you’ve read everything 👍。.

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