New Yoga Life

[little skill] Zhang Huilan elementary Yoga 25

hello everyone! I’m Zhang tonger.

In the last lesson, we learned the hand holding knee skill, the bending triangle skill, the half lotus standing balance skill, the full camel skill, the simplified twisting spine skill, the forward bending skill, the second bridge skill, the swinging skill, the foot binding skill, the half arrow skill, and the Yoga relaxation skill.

I am not the old me, I am a new self, full of positive energy.

I know that the worries that have just surfaced are only the hidden beliefs of the past.

I give up these old beliefs! I give up these old beliefs! I give up these old beliefs! I burn these old beliefs into ashes, melt them into the sea, and go with the sea.

Now I am happy, lucky and confident.

Everything is good.

Sui, now that so many people are helping me, my luck has become better and better.

Dear myself, don’t be frightened by the old beliefs.

That’s not true.

Let it go.

Please believe that the universe loves you, the power of the universe is endless, everything will develop in the direction beneficial to me, and everything will be easy and complete.

Thank you dear universe! Namaste!。.

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