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Seven yoga moves can help you improve your cold hands and feet and improve your sleep quality

Cold hands and feet are a kind of disease, mainly caused by cardiovascular system disorders and cold body.

Once the function of the cardiovascular system is impaired, it will affect the blood circulation and transmission, resulting in cold hands and feet.

This symptom will become more obvious in winter.

When the weather is cold, hands and feet are particularly cold, which makes people uncomfortable, and the quality of sleep is reduced, which is unbearable.

To improve this situation, in addition to reasonable dietary supplements, it is also a very good way to adhere to exercise, because exercise can promote the blood circulation of the body, accelerate the blood circulation in the body, so as to enhance the body temperature, expel the body cold, and improve the cold hands and feet.

So today, Jia recommended these seven yoga movements for you.

Persistent practice can help you improve the cold hands and feet and improve the quality of sleep.

1、 Sit on the cushion in the High lotus pose, bend your left leg, place your left foot on the root of your right thigh, bend your right leg, and place the palm of your right foot above the root of your left thigh to complete the full lotus pose.

Inhale and lift your knees up.

Your right hand passes through the gap between your right knee and your calf, and your left hand passes through the gap between your left knee and your small leg until your elbows are exposed, your hands are folded, your fingers are greatly opened, your shoulders are relaxed and sunk, and your abdomen is retracted throughout the process, Extend the spine, start the lumbar and abdominal core, stabilize the body parallel, and maintain 5-8 groups of breathing.

Function: stretch the inner thigh, extend the spine, promote the blood circulation of the body, improve the cold of hands and feet, at the same time, enhance the core strength of the waist and abdomen, enhance the strength of the arms, improve the balance and attention, make the body and mind calm, flexible knees, ankles, hips, assist rheumatism treatment, nourish organs, and improve the quality of sleep.

2、 Stand on the mat with your legs together in the reverse half moon pose, exhale and put your hands on the ground, inhale and close your abdomen, lift your left leg up, straighten your instep, tighten and lift your right thigh muscles, support your left fingers on the ground, lift your right hand up, point your fingertips to the ceiling, find the stability of your body, turn your head upward, look at the ceiling with your eyes, and maintain five groups of breathing.

Keep your left leg in line with your body in the whole process, and then return to the right side and change the opposite side to practice.

Functions: strengthen legs, nourish spine, enhance blood circulation, dispel cold body, improve cold hands and feet, improve concentration and balance, eliminate fatigue, and improve sleep quality.

3、 Standing in one leg squat, open the left leg to the left about a leg distance, exhale, bend the right knee and squat down, lift the right foot with the right foot, abduct the knee, inhale, lift the right arm up and raise the head, drop the left hand on the ground inside the left thigh, support the ground with five fingers, turn the head to the top right, look to the right side, keep the back of the left foot pressed down, abdominal adduction, spine upright, keep 5 groups of breathing, and change to the opposite side after completion.

Function: stretch legs and side waist, eliminate leg stiffness, flexible shoulders, improve balance ability, and promote blood circulation.

4、 The crescent variant has the left foot in front, the left knee and the left leg vertical to the ground, the right foot in the back, the right leg extended as far as possible, the right knee and the right foot tip palm on the ground, exhale the buttocks to sink forward, inhale the hands behind the body, cross the fingers, clench the hands into fists, exhale the shoulders back, stretch down, sink the fists to the ground, raise your head, look at the top of the syncline, keep breathing for 5 groups, and change to the opposite side after completion.

Function: enhance the function of circulatory system, increase vital capacity, improve the balance control ability of the body, stretch hips and shoulders, correct various bad posture, relieve groin tension, strengthen the spine, comprehensively stretch the body, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, and improve cold hands and feet.

5、 Stand apart, three-dimensional forward flexion, grab legs, open your legs about the width of one leg, stand with your feet in an outward eight position, inhale and tuck in, exhale and bend forward, cross your hands and grasp your ankles respectively, keeping your ribs and back extended.

If you feel stable enough, you can try to keep your feet up and lift, and keep 5-10 groups of breathing.

Function: stretch back and spine, strengthen core strength, strengthen ankle, promote blood circulation, enhance balance, improve concentration, eliminate excess fat in legs, help sleep, etc.

6、 Camel split leg kneeling on the right knee, with the instep close to the ground, the toe tip pointing directly behind, the five fingers of the right hand supporting the ground on the right palm of the right foot, inhale and close the abdomen, lift the left leg up, hold the left heel with the left hand, exhale and pull the left leg close to the left waist, look up, chin adduction, sternum lifting, maintain 5 groups of breathing, and change to the opposite side after completion.

Function: effectively stretch the inside of both legs, promote blood circulation in the legs, expand the chest, improve the hunchback with chest, eliminate fatigue, and make the body and mind peaceful.

7、 Supine side pigeon lie on the cushion, bend your left leg back, buckle your left elbow with the instep of your foot, raise your arms, clasp your fingers on your left face with your hands or hold the wrist of the other hand with one hand, pull your left leg up as far as possible with your left hand, bend your right leg with your heels close to the perineum, bend your spine to the left, retract your abdomen, stretch your shoulders back, raise your chest, enter supine side pigeon pose, keep breathing stable, and adhere to 5 groups of breathing, Then practice on the other side.

Function: flexible spine, stretch the inside of both legs, accelerate the blood circulation of the body, drive away the cold, improve the cold symptoms of hands and feet, stabilize the mood, calm the heart, help sleep and improve the quality of sleep.

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