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The six common problems of yoga for beginners are summarized. After reading them, change them quickly!

At the beginning of yoga, there are always many doubts.

These are normal.

Today we have listed some problems that yoga beginners often encounter.

Let’s learn about them.

Question: teacher, how long can I lose weight? Teacher, where can I thin my thighs? Teacher, how long can I practice headstand? “I remember that yoga masters said: before practicing, there are many problems, and after practicing, the problems will naturally disappear.” habit article: put your mobile phone next to you.

Don’t put it down before class time.

As soon as you lie down, you take your mobile phone to class and talk to your friends next to you.

“Yoga is to give yourself time.

Don’t let external things take up.” food article: you still chew bread 10 minutes before class and drink cold drinks immediately after class.

“Before practice, you should eat 30 minutes after practicing on an empty stomach.” In the asana part, do a single leg standing tree posture, tilt eastward and westward, bend forward, do a twisting posture without touching your toes, do a panting posture, do a boat posture, and shake your legs.

“Concentrate in practice, improve in practice.” in the breathing part, you breathe with your mouth without warning, sometimes you hold your breath, and your breath is too short, Can’t keep up with the rhythm: “breathe through the nose, just breathe evenly.” clothing: wear a loose top, draw makeup, and wear jewelry.

“It’s better to wear tight and stretchy clothes, and it’s better not to wear jewelry.” have you been tricked for so long? Practicing yoga is a process from a novice to an old bird.

When you become an old bird, you will look back and smile.

May your yoga journey be more splendid- Message Award – today’s topic: from novice to old bird, who knows what I have experienced? Talk about your experience.

Welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on March 19, we will select the lucky gayou with the most points from the selected messages and send out a pair of Yoga Pants (5 colors are optional).

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou..

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