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The special class of the top 8 yoga masters is here! Limited time discount, buy and store!

Yoga may not only be a simple way of practice for many Gaja people, but also a spiritual food that can give them physical and mental energy.

It is the existence of healing.

This time, we have specially planned a special limited time activity for the Yoga content of famous overseas teachers.

We hope that we can increase your love, replenish your yoga bags, and replenish your energy.

① the teachers are the best teachers in the field, with rich experience, professional and solid skills, and are worthy of learning; ② The courses have always been popular courses and word-of-mouth courses.

From the arrangement to the content to the overall presentation, they were praised by the previous students; ③ The types of selected courses are comprehensive, from learning, practice to teaching, from introduction, advanced to promotion, and all-round coverage.

People and teachers with different experience can choose practical funds; ④ The course price is more favorable than the daily discount price.

There is no full discount and no voucher.

The procedure is simple and crude → direct price reduction.

The activity lasts for one week until 24:00 on September 2, Chongya! An introductory course for novice teachers is also a consolidation and promotion course for experienced teachers.

Through the 6 classic action intensive lectures and the 6 complimentary consolidation exercises, we will master the specific application of the core bed in Pilates practice and teaching, and create a personal core bed theme class.

At the same time, 30 classic actions and related variants will also become your teaching action library, laying the foundation for subsequent teaching and practice.

The textbook type learning materials for yoga practitioners are also the necessary practice guide for Atang people.

The master’s detailed teaching will give answers to the puzzles just practicing yoga, or in the process of practicing yoga, not limited to Ashtanga itself.

For those who make soup, whether they are just starting to make soup, cooking soup for a long time, or want to learn and improve, this set of master classes full of dry goods will certainly make you gain a lot.

One focuses on body conditioning and the other focuses on asana refinement, covering the two major points of daily Iyengar yoga teaching.

You will feel the healing effect brought by the [scientific, accurate and positive] yoga practice method, and also improve your posture, muscle strength, balance and concentration.

Yoga teachers can learn the teaching details, content arrangement, breathing, positive position and rational use of energy of Iyengar in the systematic explanation of the teacher.

A beginner’s essential “Yoga primer” and a beginner’s essential “basic knowledge of yoga.”.

The overall content is designed based on the yoga postures and the basic characteristics of human physiology.

Through the teaching assistant’s presentation + anatomical illustrations and analysis of specific anatomical terms, it helps you comprehensively understand the muscle structure and understand the interaction between muscle operation and yoga postures.

More reasonable control and use of the body in asana practice – correctly start the muscles, obtain stability, have a more free breathing state, and have a sharper emotional perception…

Click on the picture to buy click on the picture to buy click on the picture to buy 01 a quite comprehensive and detailed high-level asana instruction manual.

02 Yoga novices, experienced yogis and yoga teachers can’t miss the breathing class.

03 the wonderful integration of chakra, flow yoga and Yin Yoga is a must for body and Mind Yoga lovers.

04 people with shoulder, neck and spinal pain are strongly recommended by yoga physiotherapists and rehabilitation physiotherapists…

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