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These 10 Yoga asanas can help digestion and let you open your stomach to enjoy delicious food

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Although the food is beautiful, it’s also very uncomfortable to eat.

What yoga poses can help digestion? Let’s check together today! 1.

Standing posture, arch back, feet, etc.

hip separation and standing; Close your hands at the sacrum behind your back, clasp your fingers, and stick your palms together as much as possible; Press down your palms slightly until your shoulders are retracted and your chest is fully opened; Keep your eyes up and take 5-10 deep breaths.


Roll your knees with your back close to the ground, hold your knees with both hands, roll up slightly, lift gently, and don’t use too much force.

This action helps keep your stomach from sagging and ensures that there is not too much air in your stomach.


Sit on the stool with your legs together and your hands held high, as you sit on the stool, so that your legs can be supported.

This action is used to stimulate the digestive organs of the abdomen.


Stand with your legs back and feet together, step backward with one foot, hold your hands behind your back, and extend downward.

The purpose of this action is to help open your body, stretch your stomach, and relieve indigestion and constipation.


Baby kneeling with knees slightly separated, leaning forward, hands crawling forward, arms extended, forehead on the ground, and holding on to more than 10 deep breaths.


Stand with your feet in the forward bending posture, inhale and extend your arms over the top, with palms facing each other; Exhale, pull the navel to the spine, keep your back straight, and bend your body forward and downward; Hold the opposite elbow with both hands (still over the top), if the body is comfortable, swing back and forth on both sides and loosen the lower back; Press your feet completely on the ground, and raise your sitting bones to point to the ceiling; Relax the head and neck, while relaxing the knees and head and neck; Take 5-10 deep breaths.


Locust style, lie face down, feet and thumbs together; Clasp your hands behind your sacrum, inhale, and lift your chest and feet off the ground.

Take 5-10 deep breaths.


Prepare for the semi lotus variant sitting posture, straighten the right leg forward, and place the left foot at the hip crease of the right thigh in the semi lotus sitting posture; Place the back of the left foot down on the right thigh, with the heel of the left foot leaning against the navel; Put your hands on both sides of your right leg, and twist your body to the right; Take a deep breath, then exhale and pull the navel to the spine, lean forward on the right leg, move your hands forward as much as possible, and relax your head on your legs; Keep 5-10 deep breaths and repeat with your left leg.


After lying down, take your shoulders and feet as the support points, hold your hands behind your back, and lift your body up.

This action is to stretch the body and stimulate stomach organs to help digestion.


Lie down with your legs raised close to the sofa, and raise your legs against the sofa.

This action can stimulate the digestive and circulatory system.

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