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When you are in a bad mood, why do you suggest Yoga? After reading it, you will understand

When you are in a bad mood, why do you suggest practicing yoga? You will understand it after reading…

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in China, and yoga has also been recognized by more and more people.

People practice Yoga not only to help shape and practice yoga, but also to greatly improve the management of mood.

Yoga is also a perfect tool for releasing emotions.

In the process of yoga practice, we excavate more emotions stored in the deep layer, bring them to the surface and release them from the body.

This is also why Yoga people can exude a state of being calm, healthy and confident.

Then, how can yoga help us improve our mood? 01.

Pranayama yoga focuses on deep, long and uniform breathing.

When the breathing is soft, we are easy to feel and pay attention to the subtle energy in our hearts, which increases our awareness and feelings of the body and emotional energy.

With more awareness of emotional energy, the energy channel will become more unblocked, thereby improving our ability of emotional flow.


Phonation each breathing method can help open the throat chakra and release tension from the body.

Chanting before class can release joy, crooning can soften fear, and lion roaring can release sadness.

When emotions are activated and begin to surface, vocalization is important to release these emotions out of the body.


Asana mood will affect the body state.

Practicing yoga can help release and stabilize mood.

If you are irritable and emotional today, it is recommended to practice Yin Yoga to balance energy.

If you are depressed, you can try strength yoga to improve energy.

Yoga practice improves our spirit and emotions, improves our ability to deal with difficult emotions and trauma, and emotions will also have a sense of security to be released and expressed.


Awareness yoga is a deep internal concentration, focusing on breathing and body feelings.

When you close your eyes and breathe, awareness will go where you go.

When emotions emerge, slowly release them through respiratory awareness.


Meditation meditation is to obtain a good state of self-consciousness through deep relaxation.

Meditation is to consciously focus on a point or idea.

This is not to clear consciousness, but to make subconscious activities more sensitive and active in a state of conscious consciousness…

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