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Yoga doesn’t work? Check to see if you have these 10 bad habits!

Stick the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Yoga has always been regarded as a sport that can experience happiness and tranquility.

However, the next 10 Yoga habits I want to share may make you unable to really relax and experience inner peace in practice, and your yoga effect will be greatly reduced! No.01 rhythmic breathing in yoga practice, every movement should be perfectly combined with breathing.

For example, when starting to practice the Sun Salutation movement.

First inhale, raise your arms, then exhale, and slowly move your arms forward.

Rhythmic breathing can make you get a sense of flow in yoga practice.

This can not only make the practitioners feel calm in their hearts, but also make their brains more focused and pay attention to each movement, so as to avoid damage and improve their body balance.

No.02 abdominal relaxation in the process of practicing yoga, correct breathing not only needs to inhale air into the chest area, but also needs to feel the expansion and adduction of ribs.

With each breath, you can use your abdominal muscles to press your navel against your spine.

As you inhale, fill your chest with air and keep your abdominal muscles flat.

Using abdominal muscles in breathing can not only help you breathe correctly, but also protect your waist from pain or injury.

No.03 unnecessary tension: tight toes, shrugged shoulders, and white joints, we can’t see any relaxation at all, can we? For some postures with high intensity, it is necessary to practice to start the whole body strength and concentrate on it, and adhere to the time of five breaths.

However, please remember to avoid unnecessary tension during this period.

To consciously relax your muscles, you don’t need to be too nervous.

Believe in yourself, you can do it! No.04 reckless muscle stretching yoga requires us to pay attention to breathing and experience inner happiness.

But if you have some competitive potential in your personality, you may have an uncontrollable desire to surpass others and try to be consistent with your practice posture.

This will most likely cause you to strain your muscles.

When practicing, just keep it within your maximum tolerance.

You can imitate other people’s postures, but don’t damage your own muscles.

No.05 skip the walking body posture no matter what kind of yoga you practice, the teacher will tell you that the walking body posture is very important.

In fact, this is a very challenging pose, which many people do not want to do.

We are all good at working hard, forgetting how to calm down and do nothing and think nothing.

The other postures are plowing, and the body straightening postures are harvest.

No.06 compared with others, it is difficult to focus on doing your own exercises instead of comparing with others, but this is what you should do.

Really don’t care what others are doing.

When you think others are better than you, stop this idea! Similarly, don’t let yourself get too excited and feel that you are doing better than others.

Go your own way, keep the real you, stop this behavior, or you will hurt people around you.

No.07 monkey thinking what do you think when practicing yoga? I hope you will say no.

When practicing yoga or meditation, we will give our brain a small holiday.

Nothing else interferes with you.

Don’t have any distractions.

No.08 moving too fast indoor cycling and crossfit fitness emphasize speed: complete specific actions within a certain time.

These fitness methods have their own sometimes, high-intensity intermittent exercise can be a good exercise for heart and lung.

But yoga needs to slow down.

It will be better to slow down.

Sometimes it may be more difficult to slow down.

In fact, it emphasizes the endurance of the body.

Next time, if you find yourself doing Vinyasa (four pillars, upper dog and lower dog) quickly, slow down and do each pose well.

In fact, it will be more difficult.

No.09 if the distance between feet is too far or too close, you should pay attention to many details when practicing postures: breathing, maintaining postures, and relaxing while focusing, you will be easy to breathe some details.

The distance between the feet has a great influence on the position of the body.

Too close will cause knee pain, too far will stretch the back of the thigh too much.

How do you know how far your warrior feet are? Everyone’s body is different.

Don’t compare it with other people’s.

ask the yoga teacher to find the right distance between your feet.

No.10 drinking water during practice seems to say that you should drink more water during exercise.

Why is Yoga different? If you really study yoga practice carefully, you will find that the ancient yoga recommends that we drink water two hours before and half an hour after practice.

When you practice, fire will be generated inside to help detoxify and give you energy.

And water will extinguish the fire.

Of course, if you are really thirsty before class, you can still drink some.

Do not drink water when practicing.

Master Iyengar said, “Yoga is like music.

The rhythm of the body, the melody of the heart and the harmony of the soul create a symphony of life.” Bad habits in the process of yoga practice are like out of tune music.

You need to adjust in time and develop good Yoga habits to make your yoga better! After you’ve finished reading it, you can watch it before you leave 👍。.

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