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I’ve been practicing yoga for 6 years, and every Yoga photo is amazing!

Stick the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Although time is a butcher’s knife, except for women who do yoga, today I would like to introduce to you an inspirational young lady who is popular on a social platform.

Her name is yogiaubrey.

Recently, I accidentally found a group of reed Yoga photos of her on INS, and I was immediately attracted.

Every picture is like this, which gives people a feeling of quiet and good years.

However, at the age of three, she has such a perfect figure, and no trace of time can be seen.

Every action can be called yoga Textbook: This is the result of persisting in yoga.

She has been practicing yoga for 4 years.

She has a healthy physique and a forward and backward body.

She is the envy of all women.

Looking at her yoga photos, I feel that she is almost integrated with nature, without any conflict.

She is clean, neat, and extraordinary.

It gives people endless aftertaste.

Looking at her photos, can you believe that the bloated person below is her? Aubrey came into contact with yoga in 2016.

At the beginning, her body was rigid like many girls, and even the most basic standing bending was difficult to achieve perfection.

She recorded her changes with photos to clearly see her progress.

In fact, Aubrey started yoga from a low starting point, The body is also very rigid, but after unremitting efforts and practice, all kinds of difficult movements can be easily held.

The writer Gladwell put forward in the book “the law of 10000 hours” in his book “the alien”, which means that to become an expert in a certain field, you need to deposit 10000 hours in this field.

Practicing yoga is also the best shortcut to beauty.

Practicing yoga is a process of self-cultivation, which requires you not to be impatient, Push you to persist and become what you want.

You must work hard and slowly.

Many people asked Aubrey how to do it.

She said, “practice, practice, practice.

Andalliscoming.” practice, practice, practice, everything will follow! Yoga is like this.

As long as you pay, you will get something.

Stick to practice! May you have fire in your heart and light in your eyes to live the way you want-  .

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