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Who doesn’t want to give up while insisting on Yoga

Yoga has abused me thousands of times.

I treat yoga like my first love.

I really want to practice yoga well.

There is no “easy” word.

I just finished my card today and I am going to practice yoga.

There will be a meal in the evening.

Would you like to go or not? On Sunday, I just had nothing to do.

I was going to practice yoga.

My good friend I haven’t seen for a long time asked you to go shopping.

Do you want to go shopping or not? It’s hard to put the child to sleep.

I can practice yoga myself.

But within 10 minutes, the child wakes up again.

Do you practice yoga or not? It’s cold, and the place where the yoga class is held is a little far away.

My good friend doesn’t go when he has something to do.

Are you going alone or not In real life, you will find that whenever you tell yourself that you want to practice yoga, there are always a lot of “obstacles” in front of you to make choices and choices.

However, when you stand on the yoga mat, you will still encounter various problems, such as being too stiff, too old, too fat, etc.

in the face of these “obstacles and problems”, some people give up, while others stick to it.

Of course, this is a choice, There is no right or wrong.

In fact, who doesn’t want to give up while practicing yoga? Dan Nevins, who has lost his legs, is the most qualified to say that those who give up have been practicing yoga for many years and become a yoga teacher.

He teaches yoga in front of the White House.

Carlee benear, who takes a baby with him, practices yoga while breastfeeding.

President Obama, who is extremely busy, practices yoga.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, no matter how busy he is, has to spare half an hour every day to persist in yoga meditation.

Dong Yazhen, 60, does not want to live with illness and drag his children, and insists on practicing yoga for 15 years.

Yogawaithmarti and supe, who are as rigid as steel Rhumanyogi wanted to give up countless times but eventually became a better self practicing yoga, It’s not easy to stick to yoga.

It’s even harder for those who “Miss” because of yoga.

Yoga will eventually double back to you, and you must thank yourself for not giving up the teacher’s wechat.

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