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These are all difficult postures in the heart of yoga, and also the goal of many people.

However, do we really need to know these advanced postures to reflect your yoga level? Or are these postures very powerful? Advanced yoga postures cannot be converted into advanced yoga.

Mary Dana Abbott, a yoga teacher from New York, has long explored the relevance and benefits of practicing intermediate and advanced yoga postures, and pointed out the potential risks of blindly pursuing the difficulty of postures.

But now, for publicity and business, many people make difficult postures to attract people to practice yoga and sell yoga.

It is easy for people who do not understand yoga to misunderstand that yoga is to do these difficult postures.

However, yoga is not only for the sake of difficult postures, but also for the balance of body and mind.

Conscious concentration.

Practicing yoga asanas is to solve our physical and mental problems.

The goal of asana should be to make the body reach a balance of strength and softness, and energy, so that people can reach a balance of body and mind and be satisfied.

Different yoga poses bring us different challenges.

The tree posture allows us to find the balance of the body, eliminate the distractions in the heart, and find the space of the body in the triangle stretching posture.

When you encounter difficult postures, your heart will be nervous.

But when you overcome physical obstacles and finally present it perfectly, your body and mind will reach a new height.

Excessive pursuit of difficult postures will lead us astray into yoga, and it will not make you a better person.

However, if you only practice for the sake of showing off your skills, publicity and practice, you can practice it.

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