New Yoga Life

It is said that yoga practitioners have all experienced these

On the Internet, I saw that some people lost a lot of pounds in yoga and turned into beautiful women and men, I also started to practice yoga with the feeling of trying.

The first yoga class was really stupid.

I was forced to do this.

Was that right? I felt that the body was not my own.

But the teacher made it soft and powerful with ease.

Look at me, I am rigid and powerless.

The whole person is “square.” Let’s take a look at the students around us.

I want to ask them how long they have been practicing so soft and powerful.

They also have all kinds of troubles.

For example, when they do the dog pose, their hands are always sliding and sliding.

The girl with a big chest says she can’t breathe.

Later, they find that the poses are all named after animals and plants.

Slowly, they feel that the pose is easy to challenge the new pose.

I heard the teacher say that it is easy for me to do the new pose.

I think it should be very easy for me to practice the dog pose for so long.

Who knows, I just feel that The reality is always cruel.

I thought to myself, how can the teacher’s small body hide so much energy? Do a split leg and bend back to calculate the intermediate posture.

The teacher is easy to do, so I twisted myself into fried dough twist.

Later, I began to meditate and thought, and then I got off the subject.

I was still eating and watching others play pet yoga.

6 I also came to play.

In the end, I was played by Wang Xingren, Practicing yoga for so long is still useful in life.

For example, you don’t have to bend over to the public toilet to wear shoes.

You’re not afraid of dirty cushions.

You can squeeze the subway and stand more stable than others.

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