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A set of beautiful back yoga sequence is often practiced. Having a charming back groove is not a dream

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Some people don’t look fat, but they feel like they have a thick back.

I wonder if you have such friends around you? In fact, because of poor posture, round shoulders and hunchback, people will have visual illusion.

If you want to have a good figure, you can’t ignore the back lines.

Today, we recommend a set of yoga back series to help you eliminate hunchback, correct bad posture, and reduce your age! 12 back yoga postures ↓↓↓ Movements 1-2 Lie on the ground, relax the body and prepare for inspiration, exhale and tighten the core to feel shoulder blade adduction, lift the chest and hands off the ground to keep 5 breaths, continue to lie on the mat to prepare for inspiration, exhale and tighten the core to slowly lift the legs off the ground, keep the instep taut to keep 5 breaths 3-4 Continue to lie on the mat to prepare for inspiration, exhale and tighten the core to keep the hands and legs off the ground, Feel the tightness of the whole back muscles and keep five breaths.

Continue to lie down on the mat and breathe in.

Exhale to tighten the core.

Both hands and legs leave the ground.

With both hands holding the W gesture, feel that the shoulder blades are close to the spine inwards.

Open the chest and keep five breathing movements, Feel the lengthening of the whole spine, keep 5 breaths lying on the cushion, tighten the core and prepare for inspiration, exhale, lift your legs up, make breaststroke gestures, and slide your hands to feel the mobilization of the whole upper back muscles.

Keep dynamic exercise 12 times, 7 prone, 20 times, 8 to 9, shake your hips left and right, 8 to 9, inhale, enter the half snake pose, stay 5 breaths, then enter the upper dog pose, stay 5 breaths, 10, lie prone on the cushion, and inhale with your left hand back against your forehead, The expiratory tightening core lifts the right hand and the left leg upward for 12 times and keeps each side in dynamic exercise movement 11.

Finally, enter the half breaststroke, grasp the right foot back with the right hand, stretch the left hand straight forward and breathe in preparation.

The expiratory tightening core lifts off the ground for 5 breaths and then moves to the other side 12.

Finally, shake the hips again for 20 times to relax the back and make it thinner, which will last ten years.

If the back is too thick, it will not only affect the body, but also lead to the blockage of the meridians and channels, which will affect the health of the body, So remember to keep practicing this set of beautiful back sequences! If the source of the content published on this official account is indicated, the copyright belongs to the original source (those that cannot be verified or whose source is not indicated are all collected from the Internet)..

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