Can cancer patients practice yoga? What should be noticed?

Yoga is an ancient practice combining breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Through yoga practice, cancer patients can find a peaceful feeling.

Studies have shown that yoga can greatly improve the psychological condition of cancer patients and relieve the negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, depression and tension.

However, there are many kinds of yoga, and there are great differences in the theories of different yoga schools.

Only by choosing Yoga suitable for oneself and practicing it step by step can we achieve good results.

Different yoga schools adapt to people ▶ Ashtanga yoga requires high physical quality of the practitioners; ▶ Iyenga yoga is suitable for beginners, patients, middle-aged and elderly people; ▶ Flow yoga is suitable for healthy young people; ▶ Hot yoga is a yoga exercise method in a high temperature environment.

It is not suitable for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, serious eye and ear diseases, diabetes, as well as those who are recovering from major diseases, puerpera and sub-health.

How should Yoga do? 1.

Crescent style exercises balance, sculpts calf muscles, and protects lumbar spine.

Take a step forward with your right leg and stand on tiptoe.

Stretch your left leg back and kneel down, and keep balance with your right leg.

Stretch your body backward with your hands and lean back slightly.

Figure / maker’s post 2 oblique plate exercise balance ability, mobilize hand and leg muscles.

Support the ground with both hands and push the ground with both legs stretched back.

Keep breathing and tighten your abdominal muscles.


The peak posture is an entry posture, which exercises the core muscle group and accelerates blood circulation.

Stand on the ground with your legs upright, bend your body down and support your hands on the ground.

Slowly lift the right leg so that it is in line with the body, and place the head in the middle of the arms.

4 side pigeon exercises flexibility and whole body exercises.

Sit on the ground, turn your body to the left, put your right leg back against the ground, and then stand your right leg perpendicular to the ground.

Put your hands on the top of your head in a circle, with your head slightly to the left.

Figure / maker’s note for practicing yoga ① yoga is a gentle aerobic exercise that increases the oxygen content in the body.

When practicing yoga, the body and mind are one, so that the body and mind can be relaxed.

Practice 30-60 minutes a day and 3-4 times a week.

② When practicing yoga, you need to listen to soothing yoga music to adjust your spirit.

③ Don’t do yoga on an empty stomach.

It is best to finish eating 1 hour before yoga, or eat a banana 20 minutes before yoga, which can resist hunger without indigestion.

④ There is no need to pursue the extreme.

When practicing yoga, we should pay attention to “degree”.

As long as we can achieve the degree of tolerance, we can play a role.

We should not blindly pursue the completion of actions, nor should we let others force us to guide and help us to press, otherwise we will cause Yoga injury.

⑤ Take a bath at least 15 minutes later.

Tips: Yoga injury prone posture ▶ Head handstand, shoulder handstand and plough are easy to cause cervical injury; ▶ Limb support type, lower dog type, side plate type and arch type are easy to cause shoulder joint injury; ▶ Soldier posture, triangle side stretching, lotus sitting, one leg pigeon posture and hero sitting are easy to cause knee injury; ▶ Downward dog type, four limb support type, hand handstand, crane Zen type and side plate type are easy to cause hand and wrist joint injury.

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The specific diagnosis and treatment plan needs to be combined with the patient’s detailed medical history.

If you have urgent disease problems, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to avoid delaying treatment.

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