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Improve energy, start from breathing | Inner Yoga

The teacher of Yoga Hengshan said that yoga is full of breath and energy.

During the practice, why should you breathe full and suck into your abdomen? It is to increase the energy of the ventral chakra.

After the energy of the ventral chakra is increased, the heart chakra will be opened more easily.

When the heart chakra begins to open, people will become more sensitive, sympathetic, moved, compassionate, and loving.

This is very important.

The faster our life rhythm is, the more depressed we become.

It is easy to be depressed because the energy of our heart chakra does not flow and the sense of distance between people is too strong.

People need to communicate with others.

Even if they just go to a class, they can also let the energy of the heart chakra flow.

This is an energy flow.

But the premise is that the ventral chakra must be strong.

When the ventral chakra energy is not enough, people will find that they don’t want to move any more.

As they become more and more sedentary, people with enough energy naturally want to interact with others or to contribute.

As for the wisdom level of the top wheel, we can listen to the class, or we can ignore it according to the Zen method, but first “break” rather than “build”.

Because we have learned too much, we should break it first and put down the things in our minds first, so that the child gods can also be satisfied.

When the belly chakra and heart chakra are opened, we just need to keep the state of “awareness” at ordinary times.

As long as we settle down to what we are doing every day, drink tea and walk, and the heart is taken back, we are already practicing God.

It is to take your mind back from an outward state, and know what you are doing and what your body is doing at any time, including moving your hands and feet.

You will be aware that after a period of practice, you will find that people are more and more stable and stable, and there is no small action.

▼ Click on the video to show the teacher of Hengshan Mountain to talk about the Japanese worship instructor Xu Hengshan | Zen practitioners have practiced Qigong and Tai Chi since childhood and practiced meditation for more than 20 years.

In the late 1990s, when studying in France, he began to love Zen and Chinese traditional culture.

Later, when he returned to China to study Chinese medicine, he visited teachers and met many hermits.

He learned from Mr.

Nan Huaijin, Elder Mengshen, Suoja Rinpoche and other great virtue and good knowledge.

It was named “Hengshan Mountain” by Nanshi, and was granted the right to propose and indoctrinate.

He became a monk in Wutai Mountain for two years, and later established a retreat center in Luoyang in 2011.

Combining yoga, meditation and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, it has created a “meditation yoga” system suitable for modern people to practice.

🧘‍♂️ Three basic classes of Vipassana Yoga, 16 forms of Vipassana Yoga, intensive and refined, small class with 6 students, class time: 19:30-21:00 every Tuesday evening, 14:00-15:30 every Sunday afternoon.

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