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Super comprehensive 29 Yoga physiotherapy charts, private teaching is a must! (Collection level)

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Why do members come to practice yoga? For most Yoga members, there are only two reasons: I want to lose weight and shape; Maintain good health or relieve physical pain; As a yoga teacher, members often ask, “Teacher, I have pain in XX places.

What asanas can relieve it?” “Teacher, I feel uncomfortable in XX.

How can I solve the stiff pain?” For members with physical pain, yoga teachers can teach them to do the following targeted poses.

These 29 common body pain and yoga physiotherapy charts are welcome! There are many dry articles in this article.

It is recommended to collect them first and then read them! NO.1 Neck, shoulder, waist and back pain and discomfort caused by sitting for a long time or wrong sitting posture will directly lead to neck, shoulder, waist and back pain.

At this time, you can relieve the pain by yoga stretching, or massage the pain points with yoga balls.

No.2 shoulder, neck, upper back pain caused by long-term looking at the mobile phone the most common “common problem” of modern people is neck pain caused by long-term looking down at the mobile phone.

You can first return the neck to the normal curve position by practicing supine jaw retraction, and then combine yoga to stretch and relax the neck muscles and open the chest.

In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the exercises of the muscles around the neck.

You can use a towel or elastic band on the back of the neck to do resistance strength exercises.

No.3 head pain Yoga backward arrow pose can effectively alleviate head pain, but Gaja with cervical problems had better not do this pose.

No.4 elbow pain for those with stiff elbows, weak strength or pain, you can first do the following yoga to stretch and relax the muscles of the elbow.

In addition to the above relief methods, we also need to do strength strengthening exercises.

It is a very effective method to use elastic bands to carry out elbow arm resistance strength exercises.

No.5 shoulder pain the stiffness and pain of the shoulder can be alleviated by ox noodle exercises or with the help of walls.

If your hands can’t reach behind your back, you can use elastic bands to assist.

No.6 discomfort and pain caused by excessive thoracic kyphosis.

Excessive thoracic kyphosis not only affects respiratory capacity, but also is an important cause of upper crossover syndrome.

As the connection between cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae problems will directly lead to cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae problems.

Therefore, it is very important to learn to be flexible and protect thoracic vertebrae.

The following actions can exercise the thoracic vertebrae and relieve the pain caused by thoracic kyphosis.

No.7 lumbar pain squatting posture can effectively alleviate lumbar pain.

It is also a good choice to do yoga backward arrow posture before going to bed every day.

In addition, the supine posture with the help of foam axis and yoga brick is also very effective to release lumbar pain.


8 Pain in the sacral region The pain in the sacral region can be alleviated by the small bridge pose, or the yoga block can be placed under the sacrum to do this pose.

No.9 sciatica sciatica and piriformis pain can be alleviated by sitting up and bending forward.

At the same time, supine / sitting up needle eye posture, one leg back extension, sitting up and twisting posture can all alleviate sciatica.

I hope that yoga teachers can help members with physical pain with these postures and their own understanding and experience; In addition, it also provides some Physiotherapy references for Yoga private teaching.

Of course, if you are not a yoga teacher, but just a yoga practitioner, knowing these yoga physiotherapy knowledge will also help you and your family.

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Let’s put down our tired bodies, recuperate, and meet tomorrow’s challenges vigorously.

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