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What if I want to practice yoga but can’t persist? Collect these 8 self-discipline secrets!

Stick the blue words on it and follow us! Women’s Yoga Yoga meets yoga to cultivate body and mind.

Holographic breathing, love of the universe.

Official account the official account has been banned from practicing yoga.

The most difficult thing is not asana, but persistence.

As a beginner of yoga, how can I walk on the yoga mat and start practicing? Here are 8 suggestions for yoga people to learn! 01 make a reasonable plan to do anything without a plan, there will be no goal to move forward.

Draw up a scientific and feasible schedule for your yoga practice, and implement it every day according to the plan.

You will find that sticking to yoga is not so far away.

02 Do not aim too high when you start to practice asana from easy to difficult.

You can first subdivide the goal from easy to difficult.

If you set your goals too high at the beginning, it’s easy to give up when you encounter setbacks.

So, start with simple goals! 03 in addition to self-discipline, mutual supervision can also choose other disciplines.

You can invite your best friends and friends to make an appointment, punch in together and supervise each other every day, which will be more motivating.

04 It is also a great way to encourage ourselves properly, such as completing a standard pose, rewarding ourselves with a beautiful yoga dress, or a yoga mat that we have long admired.

Proper rewards can better motivate us to move forward.

05 Keep away from temptation self-control is far less powerful than imagined for everyone.

Try to avoid the source of temptation and get another free space.

At the same time, in the face of temptation, give yourself 30 seconds to think and make more rational choices.

06 enjoy the practice process treat every practice as enjoyment.

Let yoga become a “dessert” in life, turn the lonely time in life into a time of enjoyment, and bring you energy and happiness! Just like a flower opening, it has buds, initial bloom, blooming and blooming, and every moment is the most beautiful.

07 Positive Psychological Hint If you don’t want to practice when you are lazy, you can give yourself some positive psychological hints, such as watching some inspirational videos and articles and telling yourself the purpose of practicing yoga in the first place? What do I want to gain through practice? In this way, you can quickly find the answer.

08 learn to forgive yourself for practicing yoga.

Please don’t be too strict with yourself.

Everyone will encounter a bottleneck period: slow progress, imperfect posture…

At this time, don’t be in a hurry to deny yourself, give your body some time, learn to forgive yourself, and one day there will be a bright future.

Self discipline is not a talent, but a habit.

To be a free and hardworking person, we must live seriously with the determination that must be achieved! Let’s go after we’ve seen everything 👍。.

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