New Yoga Life

Why don’t you try yoga and want everything?

Stick the blue words on it and follow us! Women’s Yoga Yoga meets yoga to cultivate body and mind.

Holographic breathing, love of the universe.

Public account The public account has been banned.

Sexy back and long legs.

Others are sweating in the yoga studio, but you are playing games at home.

You want to lose thick fat.

Good looking clothes.

Everyone can wear other people’s yoga every day.

You stick to vegetarianism, but you still don’t exercise.

You can’t control yourself.

You want to eat and drink.

You want to have a healthy body.

Smooth and delicate skin.

Others stick to yoga every day.

You still stay up all night.

You want to have outstanding temperament.

Confident smile.

Don’t People say that yoga is becoming more and more beautiful, but you say that you don’t do it often.

You want to stop getting old and leave no trace.

When others are busy, they insist on yoga.

You want to fish for three days and bask in the net for two days.

You want to do everything but you don’t do anything.

But why do you want to benefit from yoga if you never practice yoga hard? The world has never been beautiful without effort.

All the beauty of yoga you see is the result of ten years of hard work.

One’s greatest enemy is not others, but the stubborn Lazy and unwilling to change.

Without action, laziness will take root and sprout.

Without dreams, degeneration will take root and sprout.

There are two most dazzling lights in the world.

One is the sun.

The other is the appearance of you who persist in yoga.

After you have seen all of them, you can leave 👍。.

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