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Yoga girl, three-dimensional positive, three view correction!

Correction of three-dimensional positive and three-dimensional views of girls practicing yoga: girls practicing yoga have a good figure.

It’s impossible to say that the waistline, waist socket and backhand touching the navel are all soeasy.

You need strength and strength to change the bucket water of the water dispenser yourself.

The water should be flexible and flexible, just like a horse with a lower waist, What is more correct than the figure is that the sanguanzheng Yoga girl knows her future, and she works hard by herself, just like the asana.

She still needs to practice money by herself, or she needs to earn the life she wants, and fight for it by herself.

The Yoga girl knows that there is no absolute black and white in life, just like the asana, which has different positive positions for everyone.

There is no need for self-discipline, self-awareness Love yourself and do yourself well.

Yoga girls know that what should come will always come to you, and it will always be yours.

Just like when your body is ready for asana, it will come naturally.

It is good to do your own practice and be better yourself, and you will meet better people and things.

Yoga girls know that the people and things in life, good or bad, are the best arrangements.

Just like practicing asana, no matter whether you are improving or injured, you can always learn something.

Yoga girls know that Tao: as long as you persist, there is nothing you can’t do.

For example, yoga asana is very difficult at the beginning and seems far away, but it has been achieved later.

It’s not that asana becomes simple, but that you become more powerful / soft.

It’s not that life becomes simple, but that your heart becomes strong.

Every girl who practices yoga is invaluable.

When you encounter it, you must treasure the pictures and texts from the Internet.

The copyright belongs to the original author.

The infringement must be deleted.

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