Yuan Shanshan basks in yoga photos. He splits a horse in the air. His long legs and arms are tight and smooth

Recently, female artist yuan Shanshan posted a video of herself practicing yoga on her personal social platform, and her perfect body curve has caused hot discussion among netizens.

In the video, Yuan Shanshan wears a short white vest on her upper body, showing her slim waist.

She wears a pair of smoke grey tights on her lower body, and her long legs are particularly eye-catching.

With the help of Yoga equipment, Yuan Shanshan split a horse in the air.

Her legs were straight, her legs and arms were tight, and her lines were smooth.

The whole person looked very strong.

In this regard, netizens have praised yuan Shanshan’s figure is really good, which shows us the charm of long-term sports.

It can not only strengthen the body, but also slim down and shape.

Some netizens teased themselves that they would continue to exercise if they did not exercise.

They could not exercise as consistently as Yuan Shanshan.

Earlier, Yuan Shanshan also showed pictures of her doing various stretching postures on a red rope.

At that time, she had not studied Yoga for a long time, so she was not very skilled and her movements were not as elegant as those of other people.

It is because of Yuan Shanshan’s long-term persistence that she can have a perfect body.

Every time yuan Shanshan attends the red carpet party or other activities, she is praised by netizens for her good figure.

The delicate collarbone and tight shoulder and neck muscles are amazing when wearing a strapless skirt, and the vest line on the abdomen is also very eye-catching when wearing a blouse.

Yuan Shanshan often shares her daily life on personal social platforms, such as dancing, singing, makeup, etc.

although her figure is getting better and better, her nose seems to have become sharper recently.

Some netizens speculated that she had made a fine adjustment, but yuan Shanshan did not respond to this.

Yuan Shanshan has been attacked by many black fans during her debut.

At first, she would respond indignantly, but later she chose to be fair and free.

Yuan Shanshan, who has calmed down, tries hard to improve her professional strength, and at the same time insists on fitness and mental adjustment.

Once she responded in an interview that being hacked is actually a huge fortune in her life.

Yuan Shanshan’s popularity is getting better and better now, so she will be more strict with herself, make herself better in all aspects, perform every play well with her strength, and make every role have the meaning of existence.

I hope yuan Shanshan will bring us more surprises.

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