100 hour physical therapy yoga weekend training class, the sharing of dry goods you want is about to start

Busy urban life, most people live two or one lines of life.

They face the computer, hit the keyboard, and move the mouse every day.

The so-called “occupational diseases” have also become popular, such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain…

with a hunched back and chest, the whole person looks listless? It is clear that the weight is only 2 digits, but it looks like 30 pounds? Shoulders and neck are stiff and painful.

Pinch them to make them crisp and sour? When you turn your neck, you will still click? Sleep quality is poor, and you can’t move to rest? If you sit for a while, your waist will become stiff and swollen? These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Sitting long, lowering head, probing neck, round shoulder, hunchback, pelvic forward tilt, scoliosis…

these problems all affect our health all the time.

Memory decline, endocrine disorder, weight quietly rising, fatigue easily, resistance decline.

Although we never say, every bad habit will be recorded in your account and there will be a sport for everyone.

It is suitable for repairing physical strain While relieving muscle soreness, it can also correct your posture, improve your temperament, and return your figure.

Would you like to have a try? TA is physical therapy yoga 01 What is yoga physical therapy is the abbreviation of physical therapy.

Physiotherapy yoga is part of physical therapy.

The advantage of physiotherapy yoga is to teach you how to practice yoga, and use yoga to really heal your body, so as to achieve the goal of fitness and health.

Through correct practice, we can recuperate our body and mind, and prevent the harm to our body caused by incorrect yoga practice.

Physiotherapy yoga is the product of the perfect combination of ancient oriental yoga regimen and western modern medicine.

The effectiveness in regulating human dysfunction has been fully proved, and it is an extremely effective medical aid for human psychological and physical health.

Why do you want to learn physical therapy yoga? Physical therapy is a method of applying various physical factors to the human body to prevent and treat diseases.

It is called physical therapy, or physical therapy for short.

Physiotherapy is a modern medical term and an important part of rehabilitation therapy.

Through the direct effect of physical factors on local areas and the indirect effect of nerves and body fluids, the human body can react, adjust blood circulation, improve nutrition metabolism, improve immune function, regulate nervous system function, and promote tissue repair, thus eliminating pathogenic factors, improving pathological process, and achieving the goal of treatment.

In yoga, the dialectical repair and adjustment of the human body has the same view as the medical physiotherapy, but the content and method adopted are different, but in the sense that they are all due to human problems and have mutual reference.

Yoga physiotherapy enables us to understand how to use yoga methods to carry out a series of comprehensive conditioning for some potential and existing diseases related to the human body; Yoga is never a complete therapeutic system, but it can provide us with a technology and method for physical and mental health.

We can use it to fundamentally improve our health, prevent diseases, and control and treat diseases.

Yoga is a science of human practical experience, which provides us with ways to explore all aspects of life, including joy and pain, health and disease, emotion and mentality, and beyond these states.

In this way, we can find our inherent and incomplete self improved through our own individual experience.

Through yoga physical therapy, we can change our views and practical experiences of diseases and pains, so that they can become part of the path of body and mind, a method and means to develop body intelligence and obtain intelligent life.

The recuperation of physical therapy yoga course includes: human body parts, emotional disorders, psychological awareness, etc.

Yoga therapy focuses on all aspects of the body.

The conditioning of the human body part is aimed at the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra of the human body; Spine and joint; Viscera, sense organs; A series of conditioning courses for problems caused by muscles, bones and so on, with targeted and step by step conditioning exercises.

The adjustment of human emotions can improve the physiological feelings inside and outside the body through the adjustment courses aimed at the problems caused by physiological emotions such as depression, stagnation of qi, internal and external pressure, impetuosity of qi, and imbalance of viscera.

The adjustment of the human body’s psychological consciousness aims at people’s inability to focus on themselves; A series of conditioning courses, such as disordered consciousness, unstable blood pressure, restlessness, loss of consciousness and insomnia, are designed to regulate and adjust the meditation series.

Many yoga teachers have no concept of yoga therapy.

However, it is dangerous to become a yoga teacher under such circumstances.

Yoga teachers should know the therapeutic effect of specific postures on specific health problems, otherwise, students may be injured in class.

Most people practice yoga to improve their health.

However, most people may not understand their health problems.

They may feel dizzy, nauseous, headache, etc.

during class.

At this time, if the teacher has some knowledge about yoga therapy, it will be easy to deal with these problems.

Therefore, to become a yoga teacher, it is necessary to have the basic knowledge of yoga physiotherapy.

On the other hand, for yoga teachers, the pressure of competition in the workplace is high, it is difficult to substitute classes, the cost of class hours is low, there is no focus on the interpretation of postures, members can’t learn, and the correction of incorrect techniques is inaccurate, which brings discomfort and damage to members.

In the face of members’ personality problems, there is nothing you can do, and there is no professional solution.

If you have the above problems, and want to quickly break the situation, the most simple and efficient way is to do a good job of postures, learn techniques, and improve professionalism.

How to use a posture, popular class, counter attack success here will give you direction.

03 Course introduction According to the setting of theme courses, the model of combining theory with practice is adopted to conduct on-site evaluation and correction, and to strengthen learning and memory by integrating teaching, acting and practicing in an immersive way, so as to teach not only fish, but also fish..

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